You can now render Eon VUE projects with ease at GarageFarm.NET Render Farm

“GarageFarm.NET’s cloud-based Vue 3D renderer offers $50 free test credits. Register today and test our Vue render farm services with 24/7 human support.”

The GarageFarm.NET Render Farm has recently launched their new Eon Software Vue XStream render farm landing page, announcing support for Eon Software’s Vue XStream 2015.2 and 2016, with a streamlined support that includes path relinking for Eon Vue assets, rendering animations, and distributing high resolution stills to multiple nodes with the use of strips. Eon Vue is a popular 3d software that is used to create breathtaking nature renders, ideal for architectural rendering, matte painting rendering and environment design for film.

The company’s Vue render farm support for Vue XStream encompasses standalone scenes from XStream or Vue Infinite, that are uploaded via the new renderBeamer for Vue 3d plugin, which is light, fast and is accessed by running a .py script located in the plugin’s installation directory through Vue’s GUI. Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max scenes that integrate Vue XStream elements are also supported by their respective renderBeamer plugins. Their plugin development is continuous, and updates containing the latest fixes and features are automatically downloaded and installed by renderBeamer upon startup.

The render farm also has a 24/7 Live Support team comprised of friendly, experienced and dedicated 3d professionals that will readily attend to any questions or concerns a new user might have. Newly registered users submitting Eon Vue XStream scenes for rendering at GarageFarm.NET with either Standalone, Autodesk’s Maya or 3ds Max, will receive $50 worth of starting credit, enabling them to test the service without a need to commit.

About GarageFarm.NET

GarageFarm.NET Ltd offers professional rendering services to basically anyone who is involved with CG. It does not matter if you’re a hobbyist, a part-time passionate graphic designer, or a professional film studio from the most remote place on Earth, we have sufficient computer power based in the cloud to meet your needs. The render farm runs on hardware carefully selected and configured with performance in mind. We put a lot of emphasis on delivering high-quality, quick, and reliable service that is affordable. Our tech team is responsive, friendly, and available 24/7.

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