Yomixer.io Introduces Reliable App to Restore Crypto Owners’ Right to Financial Privacy

Yomixer.io Introduces Reliable App to Restore Crypto Owners' Right to Financial Privacy

Yomixer.io, a big player in the industry of Bitcoin mixers, is launching a groundbreaking new solution that will restore the right of crypto owners to financial privacy. The new solution, called YoMixer, was developed in response to growing concerns about the lack of financial secrecy in cryptocurrencies. Destined to become the world’s first multi-coin blending service, YoMixer will be optimized for various popular coins, including Ethereum. At the same time, currently, users can stay anonymous when conducting Bitcoin transactions.

False Anonymity of Bitcoin

In a world where every financial institution, including crypto exchanges, demands a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, the privacy of transactions is lost. While Bitcoin is often touted as a completely anonymous way to transact, the reality is that it is not entirely unknown. The public ledger and the fact that Bitcoin addresses can be traced to specific users means that transactions can be tracked and associated back to their source. This lack of anonymity can be a significant problem for those who want to protect their financial transactions from prying eyes.

However, with the help of YoMixer, Bitcoin users can now enjoy a higher level of anonymity when transferring cryptocurrency. YoMixer’s unique mixing service helps to blend Bitcoin transactions in a way that makes them much harder to trace.

What is A Bitcoin Blender Service?

Cryptocurrency users, particularly those using Bitcoin, face privacy issues as anyone can trace public keys and pseudonymous BTC addresses to specific real-world identities. Despite government efforts to address personal data privacy concerns, hackers and other malicious users have discovered numerous loopholes on the internet to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Many Bitcoin investors turn to Bitcoin Mixers or Tumblers, such as YoMixer, to counter these risks to obscure their transactions from malicious users and blockchain analytics companies.

Bitcoin mixers offer a solution to sever the link between a user’s old and new address by mixing their BTC with other users’ funds in a blending pool. This process effectively disassociates the coins from the owner. It can make the user’s coins untraceable and anonymous, akin to moving money through banks in countries with strict bank-secrecy laws (off-shores). Any errors in the Bitcoin transaction process could expose the person’s transaction data to bad actors, government agencies, and other unwelcome entities, thereby increasing the risk to their BTC funds and personal safety.

How Does YoMixer Work?

YoMixer is an innovative anonymity-enhancing tool that hides your Bitcoin transactions so that anyone cannot view them through blockchain explorers. By sending BTC to YoMixer, a user blends their assets with the coins of other persons. By doing so, people can protect themselves from unwanted attention from bad actors since today’s blockchain analytics services enable linking a person’s identity from their original address.


YoMixer utilizes MyCryptoCode technology. It is a unique mechanism that provides complete anonymity and untraceability to cryptocurrency transactions. One of the biggest concerns when using cryptocurrency mixers regularly is that the coins received might have “fingerprints” from previous transactions, making them traceable. To tackle this issue, MyCryptoCode generates a random and unique string that allows users to get coins only from pools without connection to their previous transactions. Users can ensure the highest level of anonymity by simply entering the code before every mix.

SegWit Addresses

YoMixer supports SegWit addresses. SegWit (Segregated Witness) address is a type of Bitcoin address that separates the signature data from the transaction data. It helps to increase the block size limit and reduce transaction fees on the Bitcoin network.

Using a SegWit address for Bitcoin mixing can offer additional privacy benefits, as it allows for more efficient transaction processing and lower fees, reducing the amount of data visible to outside parties.

No Logs

YoMixer adheres to a strict no-logs policy in the bid to utterly protect the anonymity of cryptocurrency users. Under this policy, no logs or personal information are stored in the mixer’s databases for any longer than necessary to process mixing transactions fully. After 24 hours, all records are automatically and permanently deleted from their system. YoMixer refuses to track its transaction statistics, unlike other Bitcoin Mixers, which could lead to de-anonymization.

Letter of Guarantee

To further ensure the security and privacy of users, YoMixer provides an order ID and a letter of guarantee, which can be used to verify the success of the mixing process.

TOR Support

Users are also given the option to run YoMixer in the TOR network or even in I2P for an added layer of anonymity. TOR (The Onion Router) is a network that allows users to browse the internet without revealing their IP address or location. It achieves this by routing data through multiple nodes before it reaches its destination. Each node only knows the previous and next nodes in the chain, making it difficult for anyone to trace the origin of the data.

I2P stands for “Invisible Internet Project.” It is an anonymous network layer that allows for censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer communication. Like the Tor network, I2P encrypts and routes internet traffic through a network of volunteer-run relays to protect the privacy and anonymity of its users. I2P is primarily used for anonymous web browsing, file sharing, and other online activities that require increased privacy and security.

Customizable Coins Blending

With YoMixer, users can control their mixing delay, mixing fee, and other options to customize their blending process according to their needs. It is possible to assign up to 5 separate Bitcoin addresses, adjust the fees to pay (from 0.5% up to 5%), and how long the mixing session should take. More fees and a more extended mixing period also translate into greater anonymity.


Being around for eight years already, Yomixer.io has taken a significant step towards restoring the financial privacy rights of crypto owners through its innovative and feature-rich platform, YoMixer. With its cutting-edge technology and dedication to user security, YoMixer promises to enable crypto owners to transact with utmost anonymity, which is an original fundamental aspect of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. For more information or to start using YoMixer, visit the official site.

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