Yogic Magazine Free Mobile App Launches Online Assuring One-Stop Resource On Yoga

Yogic Magazine has launched its new free mobile app that offers comprehensive resource on the ancient practice of Yoga with due respect to sensibilities of modern global society & trends

Vancouver, Canada – 29th March 2016 – The oriental tradition of yoga had captivated the Western society for long but the North American yoga culture has been limited in its knowledge till date. Yogic Magazine has recently announced the launch of its new free mobile app online which is reportedly empowered to serve as absolute and comprehensive resource on yoga.

The mobile yoga lifestyle magazine app is available for every major operating system such as iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire.   

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new magazine app that would be enlightening and motivating for anybody looking to incorporate Yoga in his or her lifestyle. Our magazine app comes up with contemporary outlook on yoga in North America, backed by comprehensive resource on the ancient Hindu practice that has been missing here”, smiled one of the spokespersons from Yogic Magazine.

Yoga aims to unite or connect the mental, physical & spiritual realms to attain “moksha” or liberation. The Western culture of yoga is limited to some particular postures or exercises, especially “Hatha Yoga”, which has become almost synonymous with the “Yoga as a whole” today. According to the spokesperson, in reality, the entire entity of Yoga is huge while Hatha Yoga can be said to be just a mere component of it and a part of the “Karma Yoga”.

“The problem with the contemporary yoga trend is that it’s mostly focused on Hatha Yoga which emphasizes particularly on Karma Yoga. But in doing so, it does not count in the other two types of Yoga which deprives the yoga practitioners from experiencing the absolute realm of the Yoga.”

As per “The Bhagavad Gita”, the most sacred text of the Hindus, Yoga comprises of three prominent types – Karma Yoga (yoga of the action), Jnana Yoga (yoga of the knowledge) & Bhakti Yoga (yoga of the devotion).

“However, our new yoga magazine app is all set to fill in the void created by lack of knowledge now with its extensive data on all 3 forms of Yoga- with due respect to sensibilities of modern global society & trends. If you are looking forward to be a true Yogi with complete know-how on every aspect of the ancient Yoga practices, our app would be the one-stop resource for you,” explained another spokesperson from the online magazine.

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed that the app was created in response to the contemporary inclination towards the virtual media- where print media & publications are largely overshadowed by mobile digital portals.

“Each step at Yogic is enlightened with Knowledge (the Jnana Yoga) which expresses itself through Action (the Karma Yoga) & ultimately manifests through Devotion (the Bhakti Yoga) – uniting the soul, body and mind towards Moksha or liberation. We heartily welcome you to experience the unmatched and true Yogic journey with us.”

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