Xinye Tan: A Chinese Self-Made Pop Singer Rising in Germany – with the motto: “A K-Pop Dance Teacher Who Can’t Write English Songs Is Not A Good Video Producer”.

Xinye Tan: A Chinese Self-Made Pop Singer Rising in Germany - with the motto: "A K-Pop Dance Teacher Who Can't Write English Songs Is Not A Good Video Producer".
Cover Art for the Newly Released Single by Xinye Tan
Xinye writes her melodies and lyrics, edits and color grades her music videos, and even choreographs dance routines. She is already gathering substantial support with thousands of listeners and views in a short span. Her new single, “Almeno”, was released a few days ago and is now available on major music platforms. With a library of twelve original songs waiting to be unveiled, she’s set to release a new single every month, promising a bright future.

Berlin – Oct 23, 2023 – Xinye Tan, a multi-talent from China and the mastermind behind two remarkable English songs, has ignited the music scene in Germany with her extraordinary artistry. As an independent artist with a remarkable do-it-yourself approach, Xinye is capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide with her compelling music and captivating music videos.

In September, Xinye burst onto the music scene with her debut single, “When Summer”, a vibrant and uplifting track that caught the tail end of the season. The song’s positive vibes resonated with listeners, quickly establishing Xinye as a rising star to watch.

October saw the release of her second single, “Almeno”, an Italian term that translates to “at least.” This emotionally charged breakup song delivers a powerful message of self-love, resilience, and moving forward from the past. With a combination of heartfelt lyrics and a catchy melody, “Almeno” is a testament to Xinye’s versatile songwriting skills and her ability to connect with her audience on a profound level.

What sets Xinye apart from the crowd is her hands-on approach to her craft. She not only writes her lyrics and melodies but also conceives the concept for her music videos and personally handles the video editing and color grading. Her exceptional talent extends to dance choreography, with Xinye choreographing and performing her own dance routines in her videos.

Xinye’s dedication doesn’t stop with her music and videos; she’s also the driving force behind her music promotion, managing her own social media accounts with a passion for connecting with her growing fan base.

While her journey may be solitary, Xinye is not alone in her musical pursuit. Already, she has garnered significant support, with her second music video amassing over 12,000 views on YouTube within days of its release. Her music has reached over 4,000 listeners on Spotify in less than two months. These achievements are a testament to her determination and unrelenting work ethic, particularly as a 0-budget independent artist who has tirelessly poured her heart and soul into her craft.

With a library of twelve original songs waiting in the wings, Xinye Tan is planning to release a new single every month. The future is undeniably bright for this emerging talent. To support Xinye on her journey, we invite music enthusiasts and fans to listen to her music on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Don’t forget to catch her music videos on YouTube and Vevo as well. Your likes, shares, and comments will go a long way in making her feel less lonely as she strives to make her mark in the music industry.

Xinye Tan is poised to become a self-made star in the world of music. Be part of her journey and discover the talent that’s capturing the hearts of many.

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Xinye Tan is a Chinese artist who, against all odds, is carving her path in the music industry from her base in Germany. Her remarkable talent extends to writing, singing, dancing, music video production, and promotion, making her a self-made artist with a unique and compelling vision. With her debut single, and the emotional, Xinye Tan has proven herself as a rising star with a promising future in music.

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