WPCOM Is Crowned the Largest Directory of WordPress Plugins and Other WordPress Related Resources

WPCOM, a company dedicated to solving the problems that are rife in the web design and development community, has officially become the largest directory of wordpress plugins and other wordpress related resources.

The company, having gathered more than 400 wordpress related resources, has become the go-to platform for accessing all wordpress needs for WordPress users, designers and developers. The company’s drive to make life easy for every WordPress website owner and to make access to helpful information and resources easy for them has earned them this accolade.

WPCOM is a resource directory platform for anyone who work, publish or develop websites on WordPress. The company was founded a recently, by who saw the pain that developers and designers went through to get the best resources for their projects and decided to do something about it. The platform has a collection of wordpress plugins, wordpress themes, wordpress hosting and much more information that anyone who are using WordPress  can have easy and quick access to, to solve their problems. The platform has especially been of tremendous help to new developers who are still trying to find their way around wordpress. Their innovation and commitment to excellence have now earned them the official title as the largest directory of wordpress related resources on the internet.

This was revealed in an interview granted by the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, while discussing the possibilities that developers have in the industry. He said, “The world of development is no longer what it used to be. Gone are the days when developers have to find everything on their own; do an unnecessary adventure that wastes their time and eventually end up reinventing the wheel. Now, a developer can log on to our website and find the answers they need within a minute through our wordpress resource database.” While speaking about the specifics of their platform, he said, “WPCOM is a carefully curated wordpress plugins and other resources database. It is organized into different classes and categories. Users can find what they want by starting with different categories.”

Visit the website at https://www.wpcom.org to get the knowledge about wordpress plugins.

During the interview, the founder of WPCOM was asked about the real, measurable benefits that users get from using their online resources. He said, “When a developer uses our platform, they enjoy many benefits. One is security. This is because there are several plugins and wordpress themes that are traps in disguise. We know many of them and so we don’t allow them into our directory. Users can be sure the plugins and other resources they will get from us are authentic.” He also spoke of the rigorous process they take every single entry into their directory through to make sure they represent the high standards they have set. He said, “Whether wordpress hosting options or plugins, we take every entry through a pre-determined test process to make sure they are both safe and useful for users.”

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