World\’s First Rapper in a Wheelchair Announces His Brand of Music

Artist’s approach to music is unique, with the ability to rap in Bosnian and German language

Vienna, Austria – Jasko47, an Austrian music artist is proud to announce his brand of rap music. What makes him special is the fact that he is the First European or maybe World’s first Rapper in a Wheelchair. He sings in both Bosnian and German language, which is also a unique aspect of him. Jasko47 rap style is very intricate, delivering incredible awesomeness, with good lyrics and soundtrack. The artist’s Instagram page over 37,000 followers and he also has a music video on YouTube. His songs are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other places.

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“My name is Jasko47, and I’m a rap artist. I’ve been in this game for a while now, doing my stuff and ensuring I keep my game tight. I’m arguably the only rapper on a wheelchair doing the game proud. I love to sing about a variety of subjects, which is what makes me unique in everything I do. You can listen to my music on Spotify and watch my video on YouTube,” said Jasko47.

Jasko47’s brand of rap is unique because of his vocal delivery and lyrical style. He’s also an incredible writer with cool punchlines and rhymes. Jasko47 is an artist that believes in inspiring his listeners with his music, which is why his songs and videos always get instant hits anytime he releases them. It’s always interesting to hear him rap in his Bosnian and German language, which is undeniably enjoyable whether the listener understands the language or not.

“I became a fan of Jasko47 the first day I listen to one of his tracks on Spotify. He’s really talented and unique and his drive and energy inspire me as a person. I also like his commitment to his craft and how he has evolved over the years to become a global sensation,” said Jon C, a fan.

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