Women In Radio organization Celebrates 1 Year!

Florida, USA – 2 August, 2017 – There are thousands of women in radio worldwide doing the world a tremendous selfless service of entertaining, educating, informing, promoting and empowering people all over the world. This outstanding group of talented women has formed a group called the WOMEN IN RADIO.

Women In Radio is an empowerment organization for women in the radio business. Radio is a big and competitive place, but often times it lacks diversity. Women In Radio is a place where women can feel a sense of togetherness and positive upliftment; a place where women can come freely to vent and be happy.

This organization is not only for those who are on air, they also include Programmers, Board Operators, Engineers, Promotions, Sales, Producers, Traffic, Administrative Assistants, Interns, etc.

They believe in positively uplifting each other and celebrating collective wins. There is no competition here. They can talk, ask questions, vent, and celebrate women who are doing amazing things. Women In Radio is a safe place. They strongly believe that Women are better when they stick together.

On March 5th, 2017, they hosted a ‘Women In Radio Inaugural Dinner’ in Miami, Florida. It was an amazing event with great speakers, delicious food, and a room full of supportive women.

Join the network of over 2,000 women in the radio business. They post inspirational quotes, job promotions, and news related to the industry.

Get exclusive access to the latest events, blogs, and new merchandise. Plus huge giveaways and coupon codes by visiting their web page: www.womeninradio.org

About the founder

Meaghan Taylor is a 26-year-old woman, business owner. She has not been in radio as long as others, but she knew there was something she could contribute to this business. she wanted a stronger connection between the women, which could lead to a stronger radio business. There were actions and behaviors she saw in the workplace, that she didn’t like. Instead of dwelling on it, she decided to change it.

To learn more about her please visit www.womeninradio.org

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Media Contact
Company Name: Women in Radio
Contact Person: Meaghan Taylor
Email: info@womeninradio.org
Country: United States
Website: www.womeninradio.org