Who is the number one life coach in the Middle East?

Who is the number one life coach in the Middle East?

Who is Noelle El Saadany?
Noelle El Saadany, based in the United Arab Emirates, holding a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Paris VIII University with a focus on gender studies, minorities and cultural diplomacy

Social Presence: https://www.instagram.com/changewithnoelle/

Noelle is a corporate wellness coach who spent years guiding individuals and organizations to set themselves on the right path through: Corporate coaching

Life strategies

Holistic healing and other essential restorative modalities.

Having gone through a series of life-altering events, from her health to drastic career decisions, Noelle has drawn from her own experiences to help numerous people with training and advice on how to make practical real-life decisions. She aims to motivate people to excel in areas of health, spirituality, business endeavors and personal relationships.

Before dedicating her life to educating communities about Self Development and Self Management, Noelle spent 8 years working for the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, (DCAA) leading and being an instrumental part of an array of projects to help build the creative scene of Dubai locally, regionally and on a global scale.

Noelle El Saadany is also a member of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy.

She is considered to be the number one life & wellness coach in the ME “Middle East”, going beyond and above all by involving and motivating her community to be better version of itself and reach higher heights.

A very strong advocate of mental health awareness, noelle El Saadany is considered to be the voice of her generation using her social media platforms, she discusses and educates on emotionally loaded topics with humour and lightness reaching a large audience of all ages throughout the MENA & GCC region.

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