White Canvas Launches Service to Clean Up Online Reputation and Start Afresh

White Canvas Launches Service to Clean Up Online Reputation and Start Afresh

White Canvas have over fifteen years’ experience in helping both businesses and individuals tidy up their online reputation. The digital revolution has driven the importance of having a clean online reputation to brand new heights. Everybody from partners to employers and business associates will turn to the internet in order to learn more about someone. Everyone thus wants those results to paint a positive image.

Everyone knows that they only get one chance at creating a first impression. This counts for the digital world as well as the physical one. When searchers Google someone’s name, that person would want to feel confident that the searcher will like the results they are given. White Canvas can take away the stresses of past mistakes and clean up their client’s online reputation.

With a growing client base in mainland Europe, the company are pleased to announce they have moved into the British market. From individual clients to multi-national corporations, the expert team at White Canvas are ready to help clean the slate. Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody should have a chance at putting the past behind them. White Canvas believe that people have the right to be forgotten and start their lives with a clean reputation.

Using their innovative and in-house developed S.I.L.K. Technology®, White Canvas are reputation experts who can get straight to the heart of the matter and deliver results fast.

Please contact by phone on +44 (0) 20 3695 2203 or send an email to press@whitecanvas.eu

Website: https://whitecanvas.eu/en/

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