Where Do People Commonly Use The Studs?

Double-headed studs are used for coupling machinery fixed link function, double-headed studs are threaded on both sides, the center of the screw, there is a little thicker is also fine, the name: metal rod / shrink rod, also known as double-headed studs. Double-headed studs are widely used, generally for mining equipment, highways and bridges, small cars, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, towers, large-span steel structures and all kinds of construction.

Double headed studs

Double-headed studs main uses.

1, used in the actor body for large machinery and equipment, requiring machine and equipment accessories, such as rear view mirror, machine seal seat, reducer frame, etc.. This is the time to use double-headed bolts, one end screwed into the body of the act, machine and equipment good accessories after the other end carries the nut, because the accessories are often disassembled, the thread will be damaged or damaged, the use of double-headed studs will facilitate the replacement.

2, used for coupling body thin thickness is very large, the length of the stud is particularly long, the use of double-headed studs.

3, Used for coupling thick steel plate and not convenient to use hexagonal bolts coupling place, such as concrete steel roof frame, roof beam overhang double track beam overhang pieces, etc.

Double-headed studs generally require surface treatment, stud surface treatment of many methods, generally common electroplating process, blackening, air oxidation, phosphate treatment, non-electrolytic zinc sheet plating treatment, white wash, etc. However, the electroplating process fasteners in the specific application of fasteners occupy a very large percentage. Especially in small cars, large tractors, household appliances, instrumentation equipment, aviation engineering, communications and other related work and range of applications are more common.

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