What’s The Hype About Bounciz Slippers and Can People Benefit From Them?

The Bounciz Slippers have created a lot of buzz all over Australia ever since they were first introduced. See why it is getting sold out everywhere and what exactly has to lead to its immense popularity…

The Health Benefits of Shoe Cushioning One Probably Did Not Know 

Shoe cushioning is a particularly new term that has emerged recently due to the increased demand for comfortable shoes. Wearing hard-soled shoes or completely flat shoes for more extended periods of time can lead to sore and swollen feet and ankles. This is why adequately cushioning the shoes can provide the wearers with a soft surface to rest their feet on, meanwhile allowing better circulation of blood. 

This is particularly useful for those who constantly find themselves on their feet, or their work required them to stand or walk for more extended periods of time. 

The effectiveness of shoe cushioning was further proved in a study which was conducted in diabetic patients, who frequently found themselves affected with vascular conditions, peripheral neuropathy, and foot ulceration. The results of the study showed that those individuals who wore cushioned shoes had much lower chances of developing foot ulceration as compared to those who wore regular shoes.

Popular shoe stores are known to rip off their customers by selling ordinary products at exceptionally high prices. However, a new Australian-owned startup has found a way to put its customers first and offer them the highest quality of slippers at prices the majority can actually afford.

Bounciz Slippers is a new and emerging company that offers slippers of the highest comfort to its customers, which may not only be used as everyday wear but also be worn as a remedy for foot and ankle pain.

What Is The Hype?

Bounciz Slippers are high-quality slippers that are created using the purest forms of EVA. This particular material allows the slippers to be soft, easily compressed, durable, and highly comfortable for extended wear. The company claims it to be the type of shoewear you would never want to take off, while the regular customers have claimed it to feel like ‘walking on a cloud.’

What Makes These Slippers So Popular?

ell known for their durability and extreme comfort for the customers. This is primarily because of its 4 cm thick cushioning that is designed in such a way that it gives its wearers a 15 degrees tow to heel incline.

Bounciz Slippers are designed with 15 degrees toe-to-heel + 4cm thick cushioning. Experience relieve pressure from feet and ankles, help with blood circulation. No more swallow and sore feet after a long time walking or sitting. (1)

How It May be a GameChanger

The most common complaint of people who wear shoes for long period is that they feel the need to take off their shoes after a while due to the excessive pressure build-up and pain they feel in their feet. Studies have shown that the majority of individuals feel this pressure in the region of their forefoot, which can start to throb after a while and may present with ulceration. (2)

Hence, the critical factor in making one’s shoe-wearing experience is reducing the plantar pressure, particularly for diabetic patients who experience easy wounding and delayed wound healing. Experts claim that the ideal pressure that should be released from the show wear to allow proper wound healing and prevent ulceration should be more than 200kPa. (3)

By offering an exceptional pressure release design of at least 20Mpa, The Bounciz Slippers are setting new records and allowing its users to benefit the maximum comfort and pressure relief. These slippers may also prove to be beneficial to those suffering from excessive BunionsArthritic conditions, and Plantar Fasciitis. 

What Else Do Bounciz Slippers Offer?

Water Proof

A unique property of the Bounciz Slippers is that they are entirely waterproof, which allows them to be worn almost everywhere, including the beach! Moreover, the high-quality EVA material allows these slippers to be washed or cleaned several times without breaking apart or losing their look. 

One slipper that you can wear to the market go to the beach in, or take a shower in – what more can one want. 

Wide Range of Colours

A one truly special quality about the Bounciz Slippers is the vast range of colors that these are available in. With vibrant colors like Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green to a unique color like Khaki- you can have a slipper to match each of your outfits.

Sizes For All

Unlike one size fit all policy that a majority of slipper manufacturers have, Bounciz Slippers are available in numerous different sizes so every customer can find the most comfortable pair for themselves. The importance of one’s correct footwear size is also backed up by studies that state that “a footwear cannot fulfill its intended purpose if it does not fit the foot correctly.” (3)

Bounciz Slippers takes size inclusivity very seriously and delivers a variety of sizes to its customers. The sizes of the slippers are from 34 to 45, targeting almost every shoe size. 

Wide-Toe Style

The style and fit of the shoes can have a significant impact on one’s comfort and its ability to cause foot deformities like Bunions and other painful pathologies. Studies have shown that shoes with narrow toe areas are most likely to lead to restriction of movement and stiffer feet. (4) 

This Is because of the increased stress on the foot, which has the potential to affect the blood supply and compress the delicate structures of the foot. 

As Bounciz Slippers offer a wide foot design, it provides its users with a stress-free design where they can freely move their toes and have no excessive stress on their foot structures. 

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