What is the process of making a sweater?


For winter, knitwear is always a versatile and fashionable item, allowing people to easily show full texture, casual and comfortable. Today, the editor of the HAIERMEI sweater factory will come to give people an insight into the technical requirements of knitted sweaters!

Another manifestation of the quality of the workmanship of knitted sweaters is on the flower feet, which are called bright stitches in the industry, and they mostly appear on the neckline and hanging shoulders. Generally speaking, no matter whether the needle is closed or the sleeve is good, in a knitted sweater, it is always more valuable than the overcoat.

There are some sweaters that HAIERMEI can see when HAIERMEI opens the inside. The joints between the parts and the sleeves are overburdened like woven or cotton knitting. In fact, this can never be classified as a boutique in the field of wool knitting. To put it a bit further, there is a considerable gap between the price of the sweaters with the sleeves and the sweaters with the overhanded edges in foreign trade exports.

The larger the needle type of the knitwear, the thinner the braid, such as 12 needles, 14 needles, 16 needles, the more expensive the processing cost, the higher the process requirements, while the 9 needles, 6 needles, and 3 needles are generally not More than the price of fine needles. But why is the price of a 3-needle jacket style sweater sometimes the same as a 12-needle ordinary sweater? The reason is that the cost of a sweater is calculated based on the raw materials plus the processing fee, while the 3-needle large jacket is used There are more raw materials. So the price is high.

No knitted sweater can be a yarn that is endless. Therefore, in the process of garment production, sweater manufacturers will use overlapping methods to connect each yarn. Generally speaking, it is impossible for a knitted sweater to have no knots, but a good-quality knitted sweater is very hidden from the streets and is not easy to be spotted.

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