What Are The Types Of Materials Used In Paper Packaging Boxes?

Paper packaging boxes belong to the common types of packaging in paper product packaging printing. But how much do you know material of paper packaging? Let us explain to you as follows:

Materials include corrugated paper, cardboard, gray base, white cardboard, and special art paper. Some also use cardboard or multi-layer lightweight embossed wood boards combined with special paper to obtain a more sturdy support structure.

There are also many products suitable for cardboard packaging, such as common drugs, food, cosmetics, household appliances, hardware, glassware, ceramics, electronic products, etc.

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In terms of structural design, the cardboard box should vary according to the packaging requirements of different products.

Similarly, for drug packaging, the requirements for the packaging structure are significantly different between tablets and bottled liquids. Bottled liquids require a combination of high-strength and compression resistant hard cardboard to form a strong protective layer.

In terms of structure, it generally combines the inside and outside, and the inner layer is usually equipped with a fixed medicine bottle device. The size of the outer packaging is closely related to the size of the bottle.

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Some packaging boxes are disposable, such as home tissue boxes, which do not need to be exceptionally sturdy, but require the use of paper products that meet food hygiene packaging requirements to make the boxes, and are also very cost-effective.

Cosmetic packaging boxes are representative of materials and craftsmanship, with high-end white cards used for hard box packaging and fixed structural forms and specifications;

In terms of printing technology, many manufacturers choose more reliable anti-counterfeiting printing, cold foil technology etc.

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Therefore, printing materials and processes with bright colors and high difficulty anti duplication technology are more sought after by cosmetics manufacturers.

Paper boxes also use more complex structures and various materials, such as colorful gift packaging, high-end tea packaging, and even the once popular Mid Autumn Festival cake packaging box.

Some packaging is designed to better protect the product and highlight its value and luxury, while others are packaged solely for the sake of packaging, which does not meet the practical functions of packaging as described below.

In terms of the material used for cardboard boxes, cardboard is the main component. Generally, paper with a quantity of over 200gsm or a thickness of over 0.3mm is called cardboard.

The raw materials for manufacturing cardboard are basically the same as paper, and due to its high strength and easy folding characteristics, it has become the main production paper for paper boxes. There are many types of cardboard, with a thickness generally between 0.3 and 1.1mm.

Corrugated cardboard: It mainly consists of two parallel flat sheets of paper as the outer paper and inner paper, with a corrugated core paper processed by corrugated rollers sandwiched in the middle. Each paper page is glued together with corrugated paper coated with adhesive.

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Corrugated board is mainly used to make outer packaging boxes to protect goods in the circulation process. There are also finer corrugated paper that can be used as the inner lining of cardboard packaging to reinforce and protect goods. There are many types of corrugated paper, including single-sided, double-sided, double-layer, and multi-layer.

White cardboard, made from chemical pulp mixed with pulp, includes ordinary white cardboard with hanging surface, cowhide pulp with hanging surface, and so on. There is also a type of white cardboard paper made entirely from chemical pulp, also known as high-grade whiteboard paper.

Yellow cardboard refers to low-grade cardboard made from pulp produced by lime method using rice straw as the main raw material, mainly used as a box core for pasting and fixing inside the paper box.

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Cowhide cardboard: made from sulfate pulp. One side hanging cowhide pulp is called single-sided cowhide cardboard, and two sides hanging cowhide cardboard are called double-sided cowhide cardboard.

The main function of corrugated cardboard is called kraft cardboard, which has a much higher strength than ordinary cardboard. In addition, water resistant kraft cardboard can be made by combining with water resistant resin, which is commonly used in the collection packaging boxes of beverages.

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Composite processing paperboard: refers to paperboard made by composite processing of composite aluminum foil, polyethylene, oil proof paper, wax and other materials. It compensates for the shortcomings of ordinary cardboard, making packaging boxes have various new functions such as oil resistance, waterproofing, and preservation.

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