What are the advantages of using this new product? Can it meet the consumer’s needs?

1. Professional company

KUER Group was founded in August 2012,it is a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of rotomolded products and related outdoor products. The total design insulation box is 400,000. We have a 5- to 10-year-old R&D staff. Most of them have 7 years of experience in rotational molding technology. Our KUER Group has experienced 10 years of development, and the company’s scale and plant area have continued to expand. Now the annual output of cooler is 300,000.

2. High quality material

The main material of the cooler box is LLDPE and PU foam, and the internal PU foam can reach 2-3.0 inches. Rugged construction with one-piece rotomolded, rotational-molded technology ensure impact resistance and long-term durability for cooler box. Extra thick closed-cell foam insulation,can keep your things cold for 5-7 days

3. Usage details

The perfect size,is small enough to carry alone while still having an impressive carrying capacity.The combination of durable rubber T-lat chess will keep your food and beverages secure.Two bottle openers made of stainless steel one on each side of the lid.All-you-can-drink for your outdoor beverages. Side equipment Nylon handle-rope which is according with ergonomic, make easy to carry, and not easily damage.At the same time, the sturdy structure can be used as a table and stool.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of this product. It will be the best choice for your travel, if you like it, take it with you!


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