Weihai Deyuan Network Industry: How To Use Artificial Turf Correctly?

Life lies in exercise. Moderate exercise every day can maintain good physical quality. Baseball is a fascinating sport. Both men, women and children have loyal fans. So the more professional baseball games are played on the artificial turf of the baseball field. This can better avoid friction between the human body and the ground, reduce injuries, and reduce the severity of injuries. However, laying an artificial turf baseball field is not cheap. How to use it correctly?


1.Basic usage requirements

Baseball field artificial turf must strictly abide by the basic usage requirements. First, although artificial turf has anti-flame retardant properties, open flames will still cause great damage to the turf, not only affecting the appearance, but also posing safety risks; second Second, artificial turf is also afraid of greater gravity, so motor vehicles and heavy objects must be prohibited from entering to prevent the artificial turf from being deformed or crushed by greater gravity; third, the frequency of use of the site must be strictly controlled to prevent the use of artificial turf every day. With high frequency, it can be used in slices and arranged reasonably; fourthly, if the artificial turf is damaged, it must be repaired in time. Do not wait until the damage is large and serious. Repair all together. Not only will it affect the appearance, but the repair cost will be higher later.

2. Cleaning and maintenance during use

Artificial turf is made of chemical materials. The growth of bacteria will naturally affect the stability of the lawn, thereby affecting the quality and lifespan. Therefore, you must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance during use to cut off the opportunity for bacterial growth. Therefore, debris on the lawn, Including paper and fruit shells, they must be cleaned thoroughly. You can use a better vacuum cleaner to avoid missing any debris. Furthermore, you should pay attention to using special tools to comb the artificial turf to keep it smooth and maintain good shape and smooth the surface. In hot summer, be sure to flush the lawn in time to cool it down to avoid serious fading and aging of the artificial turf.

If the baseball field artificial turf is stained with stains that are difficult to clean, it must be cleaned according to the specific stains. Do not leave it alone, otherwise the beauty will be compromised and the service life will be shortened. You can use a useful removal reagent to clean the stain according to the specific stain. For example, fungi or mildew can be wiped with a mixture of 1% hydrogen peroxide and water. It can be completely removed by wiping multiple times.

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