WeePallet Expands its Plastic Pallet Partnership with American Supply Chain Companies

WeePallet today announced a new partnership program with the American supply chain companies

WeePallet, a global leader in manufacturing and supplying plastic pallets, today announced a new partnership program with the American supply chain companies. This comes at a time when most food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies are more concerned about the hygiene in their chain supply systems.

“Expanding our partnership with the American supply chain companies will make WeePallet HDPE plastic pallets accessible to most of our clients in this region,” said Blue Chen, the WeePallet Export Manager. “Our partners can choose from the many standard and custom designs of plastic pallets that have passed strict load and 100 meter drop test.”

WeePallet has invested in high-tech plastic pallet molding machines and equipment that are designed to meet specific application requirements.

Through this partnership, WeePallet will mold both standard and custom plastic pallets. Plastic pallets for specialized applications such as those in cold chain supply and oil drums will be available.

It is a partnership where the companies will collaborate with the WeePallet team in designing and testing the plastic pallets. This is one aspect that will help the American supply chain companies comply with the rules and regulations set by the Animal and Plant Inspection Service (APHIS), the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Benefits of WeePallet Plastic Pallets

The American supply chain companies will benefit from:

Durable and long-lasting plastic pallets: WeePallet uses 100% virgin HDPE material and adopts suitable plastic molding techniques. Depending on your application requirements, WeePallet may opt for blow molding or injection molding techniques.

Non-porous plastic pallets: No liquid or gases can seep or contaminate the plastic pallets thus, they remain free from bacteria.

Cost competitive plastic pallets: WeePallet HDPE plastic pallets are cost competitive. The company uses advanced technology to reduce manufacturing cost while improving the quality of each the pellets.

Furthermore, they don’t require further treatment like the wooden pallets.

Safe to handle: Plastic pallets weigh about 33% less than wooden pallets while they can still carry the same amount of load. They don’t have protruding fasteners or metal reinforcements.

WeePallet plastic pallets cannot cause injury as a result of splinters and chipping.

Plastic pallets are sustainable: Governments across the globe have strict rules and regulations concerning the sustainability of forestry that is greatly being impacted on by the wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets are made from HDPE material that may be recycled to make other pallets or products. This helps to maximize profits and reduce wastes in the environment.

About WeePallet

WeePallet is an internationally recognized manufacturing force for plastic pallets in China. The company uses a high-tech molding process and testing equipment.

It uses high quality and virgin HDPE and PP materials. Currently, it has a production capacity of 15,000 per day.

WeePallet is now one of the best plastic pallet manufacturers in China.

Media contact:

Contact Person: Blue Zeng
Email: blue@weepallet.com
Phone: 86-137-1715-1153
Website: http://www.weepallet.com/plastic-pallets/

Media Contact
Company Name: WeePallet
Contact Person: Blue
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Phone: 86-137-1715-1153
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