Voice of Peace, The Sonia Majeed

As a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Sonia Majeed is a maverick in the Bollywood music industry who doesn’t take easy pigeonhole. In turns, she composes mesmerizing music accompanying various ballads with lyrics that depict illustrations of modern life and love, along with a soulful expression of scanty good values that remain as residue in a greatly troubled world.

Nicked as the “Princess of Hearts” and a “Flower Child”, Sonia Majeed is the perfect example of a peace idealist. Her songs represent peace and love’s perfect harmony; a symphony that transcends all the predicaments that the world faces, exposes the human mind, soul and spirit to a higher plane of tranquility and amity.

The Princess of Hearts was born in 1987 and belongs to a Punjabi Muslim family in Lahore. Her adept attitude towards performing and art (in general) compelled her to start singing and compose music based on an angelic essence. She’s a crazy whirlwind of happiness. Since early childhood, Sonia has been living in London. Her father, Abdul Majeed Butt, is a mechanical engineer and has worked in Abu Dhabi and even in the U.A.E government. After her schooling in London, Sonia then moved to Dubai where she completed her Bachelors in Economics and Masters in Hospitality.

Along her post-graduate life, Sonia’s life observed numerous transpiring changes that convinced her to come to terms with a completely new profession as a young star. She then started working on this newly founded passion and soon accomplished a powerful mezzo voice capable of entrancing the world. Despite her small physical stature, Sonia’s songs and voice possess a melodic grace that portray our dreams, thoughts and reflections through a hypnotizing lens of melancholia.

Apart from music, Sonia has made it her life’s ambition to do social work because according to her ‘everyone has a social responsibility’. She was actively involved in a myriad of social organizations such as the TCF and Zindagi Trust which are at a smaller-scale and are locally based. She then stepped into relatively larger social organizations such the Himalaya Foundation, Muslim Foundation, ActionAid and Environmental Defense.

Among other things, Sonia has not only done a variety of concerts ranging from classical and folklore genre to modern pop music, but has also performed with other emerging artists. Among these emerging artists is Armaan Malik, and Indian singer previously represented and signed by Universal Music India, now signed in by t-series. Sonia has planned on staging a concert with Armaan Malik very soon.

Brace yourself folks… and get ready for some foot-tapping music pretty soon. Sonia Majeed is definitely going to take the crowd by storm. Her lightning aura, upbeat attitude and energetic singing certainly inspires a lot of her passionate listeners which is basically her primary aim of singing; both to enjoy the music and the atmosphere of stage along with delivering an inspiring message to her audience which would make them think about life in general, and suggest them ways on improving things for the better. Not just for themselves, but for the entire world. Indeed, music is the perfect healing for the vastly splintered world of today.

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