Venice Group Assigns New Role for CEO

Venice Group assigns new role to Steve Crawford in preparation for their anticipated online real state crowdfunding marketplace, Property Platform.

Seoul, Korea – Monday, 18th July, 2016 – Ahmed Al Ali and Abdallah Al Suwaidi of Venice Group Property Fund recently appointed Steve Crawford as their CEO of Property Platform, the property crowdfunding arm of Venice Group. Steve joined Venice Group in July, 2015 to help develop a coherent business strategy for Property Platform and is now set to lead the team forwards.

Abdallah Al Suwaidi explains, “As Venice Group opens a new chapter with Property Platform, the board and I are confident that Steve possesses all the essential skills we require from our CEO. He has the ability to present strategic clarity, drive innovation and growth and deliver results based on a proven track record of disciplined execution. His passion for real estate, technology and social awareness will help ensure that he has a positive impact on the future of our business.”

Ahmed Al Ali, Venice Group Executive Chairman, continues, “The world of technology can now embrace real estate acquisitions like never seen before. Our intelligent crowdfunding peer-to-peer platform is capable of great innovation. People will be able to benefit from strategic real estate planning with strong economic growth. Property Platform needs a CEO to reflect these opportunities and we believe Steve is the right person to take us forward.”

Mr Crawford was previously the Acquisitions Manager for Sorough Real Estate. He was responsible for undertaking an upper-management role and tasked with providing detailed reports and analytical data. This was to satisfy Sorouh Real Estate’s need for additional land locations to determine appropriateness for future residential and commercial developments.

Venice Group was initially founded by a collective circle of highly successful real estate professionals. Venice crowdfunding is targeted towards providing a comprehensive Property Platform connecting property buyers who are looking to increase and enhance profitability of diversified real estate portfolios.

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