UPBUTY’s Cherry Blossom Festival Steals the Show at the just-ended Italy Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

UPBUTY Co. LTD, a leading cosmetology and beauty brand is pleased to announce that its participation at the just-ended Italy Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna was an astounding success. The event which coincided with the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival took place from the 14th to the 17th of March, 2019. It offered the beauty brand an exciting opportunity to showcase its two major brand products and bring the warmth and romance of the Japanese Festival to Italy. The Italy Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna exhibition was jam-packed with visitors ranging from industry watchers to beauty lovers and participating brands.

Using the Japanese cherry blossom festival theme for its stand design and presentations, UPBUTY showcased its two core brand – UPBUTY Japanese household beauty brand and SVK French beauty brand at the event. Both signature products received excellent feedback from all visitors at the event and instantly became the highlight of the entire event. This did not come as a surprise to the UPBUTY crew at the event as both products received tremendous praise and recommendations when showcased for the first time at last November’s Cosmoprof in Hong Kong.

Building on the success achieved in the Cosmoprof Hong Kong event, UPBUTY Co. LTD. was able to easily attract visitors at the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna using its sophisticated booth layout and its myriad of on-site activities. Italian shoppers and beauty lovers from around the world were able to experience the charm of UPBUTY and SVK in a fun and lively atmosphere. Visitors who were attracted by the Cherry Blossom Festival themed booth activities strolled around in the booth and were fascinated by the excellent UPBUTY and SVK products. They were also very eager to express their admiration and love for the products. In addition, UPBUTY Co., LTD. carefully prepared canvas bags for the visitors, all of which were given away on just the second day. This showed that the visitors loved this gift. The quality of the canvas bags was proved.

Both UPBUTY Japanese household beauty brand and SVK French beauty brand have their strong purpose and targeted group. While the UPBUTY brand is dedicated to developing safe and convenient products that can achieve high efficiency, high infusion, and absorption, to help users create anti-aging beautiful skin. SVK focuses on the concept of “beauty salons at hand”, it encourages users to travel with the products, to truly realize skin beautifying at anytime, anywhere. The SVK brand is still relatively young and offers a series of lightweight and lovely all-in-one cost-effective products.

With the right mix and match patterns, the UPBUTY brand combines beauty devices and skin care products. One stand out product in the UPBUTY brand collection is the UF20 2 in 1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Beauty Device with a replaceable head and it recently won the 2018 Germany iF Design Award. The “S-CAVITY” rapid deep infusion technology of UPBUTY Co., LTD. makes skin care in seconds possible. The 180° rotating head technology, magnetic head replacement recognition technology, intelligent frequency beep alert technology, etc., have all transformed all its products into high-quality products with high-performance and beautiful appearance. Whether it is the beauty technology, product features, booth design, display effect, brand activities or cultural impact, UPBUTY Co., LTD. has attracted a lot of attention from beauty lovers of all ages with a refined and very eye-catching approach.

For more exhibition information of UPBUTY Co., LTD., please follow UPBUTY and SVK social media contacts, or visit the official website at www.upbuty.com/en

UPBUTY Co., LTD. will continue to participate in the 2019 Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai and look forward to meeting you again!

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Established in Tokyo, Japan, UPBUTY Co., LTD. is a beauty brand with a strong focus on enhancing the overall appearance of our customers and boosting their confidence in our skin care products. UPBUTY Co., LTD. aims to design innovative, practical and multi-functional household beauty devices that are dazzling in appearance, and reliable in quality. Since its inception in 2018, UPBUTY has been committed to being a pioneer and expert in the development of skin care products. Its unrelenting effort in improving the quality of life for beauty lovers is evident in the quality of its products.

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