United Outpost Adds “Survival Tips” Category To Website

“43 Survival Tips For When “Stuff” Hits The Fan”
United Outpost, an informational and eCommerce solution for outdoors enthusiasts, recently added a webpage outlining survival tips for when “SHTF”.

United Outpost Adds “Survival Tips” Category To Website

September 2016 – United Outpost, an informational and ecommerce solution for outdoors enthusiasts, recently added a webpage outlining survival tips for when “SHTF”. In the world of preppers and survivalists, this makes total sense. For us city folks, it’s best to Google it. For the purposes of this announcement, we’ll call it when “[Something] Hits The Fan.

Historically, preppers are seen as extremists as many of them boldly honor the Second Amendment as well as American’s right to individual liberty. But are they extremists? Recent history tells us no. A lot of the message of so called preppers gets lost in the zombie apocalypse angle with fantasies of surviving a world gone rogue. But the truth is, disaster striking in one’s lifetime is eminent.

“People diminish the warnings of preppers but I ask those doubters this,” say William Douglas, founder of United Outpost. “Did flood victims feel over prepared or under prepared? Do Hurricane Sandy victims wish they had more or less food rations? Being prepared is not and extremist activity. In fact, that’s an idiotic idea in itself. Being prepared is smart.”

43 Survival Tips for When SHTF – A Prepper’s Guide

United Outpost reminds people that these are not detailed strategies, but ideas to stimulate one’s creativity in a survival situation. They encourage readers to understand that survival is “about staying calm while immediately implementing your skills.”

Included in the post are tips on:

How To Find The North Star At Night – http://blog.unitedoutpost.com/survival-tips/43-tips-for-when-shtf/#How_To_Find_The_North_Star_At_Night

How To Purify Water With Bleach – http://blog.unitedoutpost.com/survival-tips/43-tips-for-when-shtf/#How_To_Purify_Water_With_Bleach

How To Make a Fishing Hook With a Soda Can – http://blog.unitedoutpost.com/survival-tips/43-tips-for-when-shtf/#How_To_Make_a_Fishing_Hook_Hobo_Fishing_Kit

There are 43 Survival Tips in total and honestly, most are pretty cool. United Outpost was launched in July 2016 and now offers survival products in their store as well as survival tips on their blog.

For further information, visit https://unitedoutpost.com

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