Uncover the mystery and explore the role of calcium formate in gypsum mortar

Calcium formate is a very common material additive in the decoration process. Its addition can improve the performance and stability of gypsum mortar. So what are the advantages of calcium formate in gypsum mortar?

First, calcium formate can accelerate the rate of gypsum condensation. Gypsum mortar requires a certain setting time during the construction process to ensure that the mortar can be fully cured and hardened. Adding proper amount of calcium formate can delay the setting rate of gypsum mortar, so that the construction personnel have enough time to operate and adjust, so as to improve the construction efficiency.

Secondly, calcium formate has a significant effect on the strength and hardness of gypsum mortar. Calcium formate in gypsum mortar can react with hydration hardening products in gypsum to form a more stable crystal structure. This reaction can enhance the strength and hardness of gypsum mortar, making it more durable and stable. At the same time, calcium formate can also improve the cracking resistance of gypsum mortar and reduce the cracking problem caused by dry shrinkage.  

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In addition, calcium formate can also improve the workability and construction performance of gypsum mortar. After adding calcium formate, the fluidity and viscosity of gypsum mortar are improved, which makes the construction more convenient. The construction personnel can better control the fluidity and cohesiveness of the mortar, so as to obtain a more uniform and smooth construction effect.     

Therefore, the role of calcium formate in industrial engineering processing is not to be underestimated. It can shorten the setting time of gypsum mortar as much as possible, increase the strength and hardness of mortar, improve water resistance and durability, and also improve workability and construction performance. Therefore, when using gypsum mortar, adding calcium formate is an effective improvement method, which can improve the quality and performance of mortar and meet the needs of different building decoration.


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