Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd Supplies 800 Light Fittings to W B Yeats for Use on a New Ferry

Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd has recently supplied 800 light fittings to W B Yeats for use on a new ferry. These light fittings are bedside reading lights that recess into the wall – one is used either side of the beds in the cabins on the new ferry.

Lighting plays a very important role in the way people experience and understand architecture. It can bring an emotional value to architecture – and helps create a great experience for those who occupy the space. Lighting is the medium that allows people to see and appreciate the beauty in the buildings and structures around them. At Ultra Beam Lighting, they have you covered for your LED reading lights, bedside reading lights; wall mounted LED reading lights, and recessed LED reading lighting needs.  

One major role of lighting is functionality. Lighting needs to serve a purpose, or it simply wastes electricity. Recessed LED reading lighting can be used in floors and ceilings to create vertical beams of light as opposed to an overall glow from central light fixtures hanging from a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight.

Choosing the right bedroom lighting plays a major role in your overall productivity. Bedside reading lights have a specific task: to illuminate the pages of your book without requiring you to bend out of the normal shape – and without bothering your bedmate. They’re typically placed on either side of the bed and are usually matching. 

Wall mounted LED reading lights free up bedside table space. They eliminate the need for bedside tables. Ultra Beam Lighting’s wall mounted designs are moveable, making them a choice with built-in flexibility. The lamps can be mounted at matching heights and adjusted for the different reading positions.

Ultra Beam Lighting has been in the business of making lights for over 20 years. The company started by providing solutions for lights in UK homes and now they deliver worldwide. Ultra Beam Lighting is based in Southampton UK from where they make their lights.

For more information, please visit: https://www.ultrabeamlighting.co.uk/ or send an email to sales@ultrabeamlighting.co.uk

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