Triden Token ICO Begins with Pre-sale, to Offer Reserve Backed Digital Currency with Wide Scale Integration

Tridentcoin has announced the schedule of its innovative Trident token (TDC) ICO pre-sale and main sale. The pre-sale of 510,000 TDC will be held between January 1-10, 2018, followed by the main sale between January 11-February 10, 2018 of 7,140,000 TDC tokens.

Amidst the rapid fluctuations and evolution taking place in the crypto world, Trident has launched its unique token that aims to offer a reliable and trustworthy cryptocurrency that produces exceptional returns. Trident combines the best of advanced technological systems and finance to bring customers the satisfaction that their investment is safe and sound. The new token aims to give investors financial stability and independence in an unstable environment, and offer them financial freedom. 

Trident can be used to convert cash into digital currency and to anchor the value to fiat national currencies like the US dollar or the Euro and the Yen. Each token is 100 backed by a 1-to-1 by traditional currency held in the reserve. Apart from these benefits, Triden is also open source, and offers the advantages of the world’s leading platform for digital assets, all-in-one bitcoin platform, secured blockchain, self regulated financial systems, smart money wallets and multiple investment opportunities.

Trident is a self-regulated financial system, and investors of Trident token can expect to gain multiple benefits. These include no broker or exit fees, with full control over assets, and a leading software platform that can securely store and trade digital assets based on open source and advanced blockchain technology. Trident is also an all-in-one Bitcoin and crypto-currency platform with regular internal and external audits. The token can be traded on a wide selection of exchanges.

“We’ve combined the best of both worlds. Get the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency. The Trident token grants exclusive access to the Trident Ecosystem. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the token sale and become part of the first crowd,” said a spokesperson from Trident.

During pre-sale and main sale, the token price for Trident will increase daily by $0.05, and the crowd sale price will be determined post completion of these two phases. For referrals, community members will receive 5% referral bonus in the form of tokens. Token sale proceeds will be allocated as follows: Business Development – 15%, Legal and Regulatory – 10%, Marketing – 50%, and Tech-Development – 25%. The token distribution allocation will be as follows: Pre-Sale – 5%, Promoters holding – 20%, Referral Program – 5%, and Main Sale – 70%. The sales will be terminated as soon as the quote of tokens is sold out. The unsold tokens will be made available in the crowd sale phase between February 15-16, 2018.

The Trident team comprises expert wealth and investment managers, who manage the Trident crypto index fund based on insight, indexes and other relevant services. The Trident TDC Private Index Fund invests funds into the top 10 performing cryptocurrencies. These are determined by having a look at the specific coin’s market cap and volume, and these are rebalanced on a quarterly basis.

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