“Trapcomedy” is launching a website – and Everyone is going to need this in their lives!

Trapcomedy (or “thetrapcomic”) is an up-and-coming Instagram sensation. His Instagram account @trapcomedy is blowing up – the account has had dozens of posts explode into viral frenzies across the every avenue of the internet. The majority of the posts for this account are made up of “meme” style pictures with clever and witty captions, along with video content that is designed with a similar premise and target audience in mind.

What is even more impressive and anticipated is that he is in the works of turning his viral Instagram account into something more…. something legendary and gripping. The instagrammer is making big moves in the virtual world, and is now planning to launch a blog style website within the next few months.

The idea of turning the Instagram account into a website was ignited by the creator of @trapcomedy, (who will only be named as “thetrapcomic”). This idea was heavily weighted on the fact that he wanted a place for his growing fan base to create, collaborate and join together – or in other words, wanted to create “a place of community” for his followers.

He states: “I read a lot of the comments and direct messages that I am sent by my fans every day. Judging this alone, the majority of the trapcomedy audience are themselves hilarious, so this will be a place for the world to see their humour in the most accessible of ways.”

The website is expected to be launched in late fall of 2018 (though no official date has been set), but once it is released, it can be found at www.trapcomedy.com

We are excited to see what the website will have in store this fall!


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