Top Bernal Heights, California, Realtor Reveals The Pros And Cons Of Selling As-Is Vs Fixing Up The Home Before Listing

Putting a home onto the market is not an easy process. Many times, professional Realtors will make recommendations to the home owner on getting the home ready for potential buyers to come see the home. The biggest decision – as is or fix it up before putting the home onto the market?

Danielle Lazier is the Realtor and founder of Danielle Lazier Vivre Real Estate Agents. She is recognized as the best real estate listing agent of Bernal Heights, CA, a suburb of the metro city area. Her website has a top real estate blog that covers many suggestions that help buyers and sellers.

“Do you sell the home as is or make necessary repairs?  That is an eternal question, and the answer is often frustrating to the seller. It depends,” said Lazier, top Realtor agent in Bernal Heights, CA.

Leaving the home as-is makes good fiscal sense if the buyer is in a hurry to get the home sold. This is common, particularly when the owner is moving because of work and has to move the property as quickly as possible. The drawback is the home price is often much lower, and offers often come in lower as well.

Fixing the home up is a great idea for those who have time to let a home sit on the market for a period of time. It increases the home value and makes the home more appealing to buyers looking for a turn-key home. The buyer is able to move into the home immediately.

Danielle Lazier, Realtor and founder of Danielle Lazier Vivre Real Estate Agents in San Francisco, has the best real estate agents of Bernal Heights, California, working in her team. Her website and blog provide top properties and blog suggestions to help move or buy a home with as little difficulties as possible. 

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