Tofacinix – A new hope for India Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

New York, US – January 22, 2021 – According to the 2009 report from world health organization, 43.6 percent of RA patients had problems paying medical and drug bills after insurance payments. About 9% reported a severe or great burden, being unable to purchase all the medications or care they needed because of out-of-pocket medical expenses. This burden was substantially greater for patients under age 65 (11.8 percent) compared with those 65 and older.

In India, there are 12.8 million adult population suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. The middle aged category of people is far more prone to risk of this painful condition and women 2 and a half times more than men.

In 2018, tofacinix (tofacitinib) comes to Bangladesh market after government permission. The government tries to reduce the burden and disability associated with this condition and to provide appropriate care for their residents. Tofacitinib cost in Bangladesh decreased 95% compare to the previous. 

As the neighbor of Bangladesh, tofacitinib price in India is still high and not significant decreased. Many India patients coming to Bangladesh for treatment since 2018. But when COVID-19 started spreading across the world. ‘Our customer with serious psoriatic arthritis who cannot afford tofacitinib India price, cannot come to Bangladesh to continue his treatment with tofacinix’, says D.Singh (CEO of BonHoa Health: one of the renowned medical tourism company in India). ‘I don’t think medical tourism will get back to normalcy until June 2021 after United States and Europe customers are vaccinated.’

When the Covid-19 will be end? It seems hard to predict until herd immunity in India. But rheumatoid arthritis patients suffered great pain due to the shortage of medicine and treatment. Medical Tourism may not be reopened in short time. The rheumatoid arthritis patients now need a long-run solution from government.

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