Tigerhall Launches Audio Reads in Over 30 Languages

Tigerhall Launches Audio Reads in Over 30 Languages
Founder and CEO of Tigerhall Nellie Wartoft
Tigerhall continues to revolutionize how organizations drive change and do business.

Tigerhall, the platform that transforms organizations through social learning, announces a major expansion in its commitment to global knowledge accessibility. Its latest enhancement makes its Power Reads available in 30 languages and as audio versions known as Audio Reads. This innovation further transforms the way global enterprises, teams, and individuals access and share knowledge.

Power Reads are short, engaging articles crafted by an array of diverse business leaders and Thinkfluencers available on Tigerhall’s platform. The new features added to Power Reads allow users not only to view them in multiple languages, but also to listen to them as Audio Reads. Users can simply access a Power Read and tap the “Listen” button to access an audio version in their preferred language. Tigerhall allows users to easily switch between languages, providing flexibility and inclusivity.

Audio Reads add to the wide range of multimedia materials, including podcasts and short-form videos, all available in multiple languages, offering actionable insights to Tigerhall users. This addition eliminates language barriers, making valuable knowledge accessible to a global audience.

The language barrier in global teams used to result in inconsistency and miscommunication. Tigerhall’s Power Reads in multiple languages aim to change that by offering a streamlined and cohesive approach to team learning and collaboration. This update is a fundamental part of Tigerhall’s commitment to make critical knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of linguistic or geographic differences.

For enterprises already using Tigerhall, this change is significant. It represents more than a feature upgrade; it’s a direct effort to remove roadblocks to unified action and decision-making across the organization.

This isn’t the end. Power Reads are part of a broader strategy to increase accessibility and alignment, serving as one of many future enhancements to help enterprises operate more efficiently and effectively.

“Imagine a scenario where a CEO delivers a town hall address in English, and a factory worker in a remote location watches it in Vietnamese, receiving the message with crystal clarity. This level of accessibility and respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion is a game-changer in the global enterprise landscape,” says Tigerhall founder Nellie Wartoft. 

Tigerhall’s commitment to offering the knowledge of the world in multiple languages reinforces the inclusive nature of its platform. This shift ensures that individuals who do not speak a particular language can still benefit from the wealth of knowledge Tigerhall makes available, all while maintaining respect for their native language.

This development also aligns with Tigerhall’s vision to foster global collaboration and knowledge sharing. With the elimination of language barriers, global enterprises can now position themselves for greater scale, moving in unison toward shared goals, and achieving a new level of alignment.

To explore the diverse world of Power Reads and Audio Reads in over 30 languages and experience the power of global knowledge-sharing, visit Tigerhall’s website

About Nellie Wartoft

Nellie Wartoft is a Swedish entrepreneur who launched the social learning platform Tigerhall in 2019, revolutionizing how professionals learn from one another in the real world. Under her leadership, Tigerhall has quickly gained traction with users across 32 countries and employees in 12 markets. Nellie has raised over $10 million in venture capital from visionary investors including Sequoia Capital and Monk’s Hill Ventures. Tigerhall’s customers include global Fortune 500 firms in technology, FMCG, professional services, and financial services.

Before founding Tigerhall, Nellie was a top biller at Michael Page, where she led the Sales and marketing practice and saw firsthand the issues in talent development and enterprise learning and how the technology used in corporate learning led to employee dissatisfaction and disengagement in their own professional development. Her experience led her to launch Tigerhall, which bridges the skills gap by providing actionable insights from industry experts or Thinkfluencers, delivered in ways that leverage common user behaviors familiar to people from their favorite social apps.

Nellie has been named on the 2021 Tatler Gen T list of Future Leaders and was recognized as one of the Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023 by the International Business Times. She was also a Swedish National Champion in Skeet shooting in her teenage years.

Nellie is an accomplished speaker and regularly presents at large events and global forums such as the CLO Exchange, HRTech Asia, SMF, and several CHRO Summits across the United States. She currently serves as a non-executive director on the boards of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Singapore and the SGTech Digital Transformation Chapter – the largest industry association for technology companies in Singapore.

Nellie has always been a huge advocate of social mobility across the world. This belief is rooted in the fact that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their life goals and become successful at what they do, regardless of their background or circumstances. As she always says, “Where you come from should never, ever get in the way of where you want to go.”

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