This website presents an OTC market for converting BTC to USDT

While conventional crypto exchanges have remained the most popular way of converting one cryptocurrency to another, the Over the counter platforms have also gained quite a popularity over the years. The OTC platforms like also provide a convenient way to exchange large amounts of cryptocurrency anonymously, while offering a few advantages over the traditional exchanges.

The website, is a dedicated platform that allows the users to exchange BTC to USDT directly in a fast and secure manner. It accepts only Omni USDT and Trc20 USDT for exchange. The Switzerland based website will also be issuing a prepaid card in the month of June to make a deposit from USDT. The prepaid card will be available in Switzerland and Europe in the present month and shipped around the world sequentially in the coming months.

The OTC trading platforms can become a popular means as the cryptocurrency markets begin to evolve in the near future. They provide a cost-effective method of corporate as there are lower expenses of servicing the investors and lower cost of new issues. And for the investors, it offers benefits like the ability to trade large quantities of cryptocurrencies in a single trade and saving time by clearing trades at one price. The trades are private on OTC platforms because the order books will not be touched and the traders don’t fall into the slippage trap.

Anyone who has ever purchased a large amount of cryptocurrency from traditional exchanges might have faced problems like the high cost of trading, risks of hacking and theft. This is when Over the counter or OTC trading comes in light that is especially beneficial for high volume traders. It is a preferred way of trading by high net worth individuals and private wealth managers.

OTC trades can be performed by various ways such as Bitcoin ATMs that allow customers to convert their fiat currency into digital coins; IRC chatrooms which is basically a trading network hosted on various IRC channels and enables peer to peer transactions between the traders; the third and most popular way is through trusted online platforms like, that allow the users to conveniently execute high volume trades and avoid slippage problems.

OTC trading has many other advantages to offer as compared to the traditional exchanges. It overcomes one of the major shortcomings of the traditional crypto exchanges that is they may not always have sufficient liquidity to process large trades. While on traditional exchanges, large orders can end up being spread over multiple small orders, OTC trading allows the traders to access one price for a single buy order. Most traditional exchanges have a limit on the maximum trading amount and the amount that can be withdrawn in a 24 hours period, but OTC trading platforms offer high trading limits and fewer barriers for making huge transactions. Furthermore, OTC trading has faster processing times as compared to trading via conventional exchanges.

It is evident that traditional exchanges have their own advantages but when it comes to large scale and high volume trading, the OTC trading platform can be a better option. Some of the things to consider while choosing a trusted OTC platform are to check their transaction fees, convenient sign-up process, supported currencies, security, and customer support.

The OTC platform provides a convenient platform for the users to exchange BTC to USDT directly. It features a user-friendly and transparent interface. The users can sign up on the platform using basic details.

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