This Startup Shark Specializing in OKR Is On The Mission To Make Companies More Agile

The workforce in today’s contemporary times is motivated by the desire to accomplish and contribute to a greater good in the world. The people seek purpose, effectiveness, and clear roles and duties. In addition, a new digital thought process values cooperation, involvement, and openness in decision-making. The technical advancements and increased customer impact on products increase the demand for organizations to develop added value consistently. Traditional management techniques are so frequently inefficient for today’s dynamic firms.

The goal is to help businesses thrive in modern times with modern management techniques. There has been an observation for these businesses to move to an agile method. Agile leaders are deeply committed to education, open innovation, and staff growth. Acting as a team coach can assist in developing and conveying the corporate vision and business goals. They set the direction and then provide the teams with the tools they need to achieve the goals they have jointly defined. The ability of the company to alter quickly is another goal of an agile leader. 

An agile leader helps their team members by:

  • Establishing a setting where individuals can feel secure, even if they make mistakes.
  • Supplying all the knowledge required to make the right choices.
  • Promoting employees’ choices.

One of the most efficient ways for teams and corporate leadership to define clear, attainable goals with measurable outcomes is through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). The target is the overarching goal, and the essential products monitor the development toward it. Critical effects are often evaluated on a scale of 0% to 100% or any other numeric range that the team determines.

OKR advantages immediately aid corporate agility, particularly concerning growing agile. Organizations have discovered that OKRs build alignment among teams, develop focus, and support autonomy, and responsibility. Followed by stimulating employee involvement, and giving general business transparency.

IT powerhouses like Amazon, Meta, Google, and so on, use the goals and critical outcomes technique. This helps to produce results, boost alignment, and increase agility. But it’s human nature to be hesitant when faced with a novel procedure.

A group of businesspeople and engineers who are experts in Objectives & Key Results designed the OKR Software (OKRs). This was aimed to help agile leaders and facilitate the growth of organizations.

The application that is most OKR-centric is’s modules, such as performance management, task management, strategy, and employee engagement, all put the OKR framework at the forefront of all activities.

The product plan for includes updates to the OKRs app. This is specifically designed to speed up corporate adoption, UX refinements, and a growing number of Enterprise application integrations.

Bastin Gerald, the creator of, has been working on Hoshin Kanri and OKRs for almost two decades. “The Future looks promising for OKR programs across enterprises – from Fortune 500 corporations to startups.”, says Gerald. 

Gerald has worked in Silicon Valley with startups and big technology companies like Oracle. He has defined product strategy, attracted top talent, and managed multinational development teams. This has resulted in the producing successful, multimillion-dollar new business applications.

Users can increase their daily productivity by using “Task management” to match their jobs with OKRs. To identify Key Results, offers the capabilities of “velocity of tasks” and “board counts.” By integrating data visualization capabilities into the platform, also wants to enhance the existing extensive reports and dashboards.

To educate consumers before they try to embrace OKRs, now has more than 500 blogs on the website. These blogs begin with the “Why of OKRs” before delving further into the “nitty gritty” of managing an OKR program. They can aid “mobilizers” in organizations in enlightening the rest of the executive team. provides 150+ OKR Examples on the website to assist those who attempt to construct OKRs and to help them get started. The website has over 100,000+ views, and the material has helped many users. 

With a promising future for sustaining a business, try the OKR offered by

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