Think in Italian Announces the Launch of an AI Italian Tutor

With this AI Italian tutor, students can pick up the language much faster

SHERIDAN – February 1, 2024 – Think in Italian has announced the launch of its AI Italian Tutor, a tool designed to simplify learning Italian by simulating real conversations. With this advanced conversational learning tool, Think in Italian has created a learning experience that is both fun and effective.

As linguistic researchers have found, learning a foreign language is more effective when you put yourself in real-life situations that require you to both listen to and speak the language. While many experts recommend traveling abroad and interacting with native speakers to learn a language faster, this can be expensive and time-consuming. With Think in Italian’s AI Italian Tutor, students can now enjoy simulated conversations at their convenience.

“The market is filled with language apps where users can passively go through lessons without actually speaking the language,” says polyglot and Think in Italian founder Stefano Lodola. “I hope this AI tutor will fill the gap for language learners, providing the essential speaking practice they need.”

The AI tutor simulates personalized conversations, adapting to each learner’s skill level to provide a bespoke educational experience. This tutor is built to emphasize speaking and comprehension, providing real-life practice in Italian conversations. It is launching with a comprehensive suite of features, including audio lessons, bilingual readings, and role-play scenarios.

Stefano Lodola believes the AI Italian Tutor will significantly enrich the learning experience. It stands out from other language apps by integrating personalized dialogue, immediate pronunciation feedback, and real-life conversational practice into the curriculum.

Think in Italian’s unique approach is shaped by Stefano Lodola’s extensive experience in mastering languages. His unique model is a departure from traditional rote learning methods and offers a more intuitive, immersive educational journey.

About Think in Italian

Think in Italian is a comprehensive online Italian learning platform created by Stefano Lodola, a polyglot with a mastery of 12 languages. It offers a unique blend of audio courses, bilingual readings, and an innovative tutor designed to foster language mastery through natural learning tactics.

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