Thefreshome Reveals the Best Air Fryers to Purchase in 2016

Matthew Williams, editor in chief at Thefrehsome, has published the site’s choices for top air fryers of the year.

People have been opting for more health-conscious food choices for quite some time now, but a new trend of meals that used to be bathed in fat but can now be prepared with as little as a tablespoonful of it has taken consumers by storm. This is why Matthew Williams, the editor in chief for Thefreshome, has released a guide that tests and showcases the finest air fryers in 2016.

“We’re living in a great time where people are able to enjoy more of the food they love with less risk to their health than ever,” Williams said. “Different brands have started putting out many new fryer models onto the market, and in such a relatively young field, consumers can easily be taken advantage of if they don’t do their research.”

This is why the guide over at Thefreshome seeks to expound on the most prominent and popular air fryer models currently available. Williams has subjected the showcased products, plus a handful that did not manage to make the cut, to a series to examinations that helped determine each product’s final score, regardless of the prominence of its manufacturer. All fryers are examined closely and reviewed individually. Williams goes into detail on their strengths as well as shortcomings and ends every review with a personal note on whether he considers the product worth the consumers’ time. Everything is presented in a straightforward yet informative way, so readers shouldn’t have any trouble following along while getting a considerable amount of useful information.

After the air fryer reviews portion, readers are presented with a more general informative segment that aims to further educate them on various aspects of buying a good fryer regardless of personal preference. A convenient table in which a brief outline of every product’s main features is given is also present, making comparison easier and more accessible.

Thefreshome is a website that provides comprehensive, well-researched buyer’s guides on products having to do with food conservation and preparation. Among others, interested readers can find guides and other practical information on smoothie blenders, food dehydrators and electric smokers. Matthew’s aim is to educate his readers on safe, responsible ways to make great-tasting, healthy food in their own home and save a penny or two in the process.

For more information, Williams can be reached by phone at +1-914-963-8385 or by visiting online.

About the Company: Thefreshome brings its readers high-quality buying guides on various food conservation and preparation products. It showcases the products’ features and costs in a way that makes informed decision-making easier for consumers.

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