The World of Work Program’s Successes Highlighted by Education Guru in Forbes Article

Cajon Valley second graders studying the work of chefs. TOM VANDER ARK

One school district that has already incorporated the World of Work initiative into their everyday curriculum, Cajon Valley Union School District, was recently featured in an article in Forbes written by Tom Vander Ark, the CEO of Getting Smart. The article, entitled “The World of Work — In Elementary School”, applauded the school district’s collaboration with the World of Work program to create better opportunities for students in the district to develop skills needed in the future workforce.

Vander Ark, who served as superintendent and the first Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, founded Getting Smart to offer advisory and coaching services that focus on the future of education and support more powerful learning to school districts and other educational organizations. He is an advocate for innovation in education and participates in numerous boards and foundations that have the same goals in mind. Vander Ark understands what the future of education is moving towards, and during his visit to Cajon Valley with his Getting Smart team Vander Ark saw how the World of Work moves schools towards modernization and career-focused education.

While visiting different CVUSD schools, Vander Ark and his team witnessed the integration of the World of Work curriculum as students learned about becoming civil engineers and the things we use everyday that they design. They saw students writing about an experience visiting a dam and learning about water systems. Vander Ark saw kindergarteners learning about being a teacher and second graders studying the art of being a chef. Ed Hidalgo, Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer at CVUSD and one of the minds behind World of Work, also gave the Getting Smart team a presentation on the RIASEC framework that the World of Work uses to help students understand what careers they can be best at naturally.

Watch Vander Ark’s experience at CVUSD at and read his Forbes article on how CVUSD implements the World of Work at

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