The Wise Holder, A Revolutionary Accessory For Food Waste Disposal, Prepares To Launch On Kickstarter After Worldwide Success

17 April, 2020 – South Korea – The Wise Holder, a new solution for food waste disposal, is expected to debut on Kickstarter later this month. Developed by KM Search & Tech in South Korea, the Wise Holder is a revolutionary new device that makes it easy to process food waste without potent odors or burdensome labor.

Designed to be simple and easy, the Wise Holder uses an innovative design to stick on sink walls or tile surfaces and hold food waste. With a compartment that holds simple waste bags, throw away food waste conveniently into the Wise Holder while cook or cleaning. Simply open the Wise Holder, dispose of waste inside, and fold the plastic top closed with a one-touch design. Using strong neodymium magnets and digging grooves, the Wise Holder cuts off airflow to trap odors in the bag and prevent flies or other insects from collecting nearby.

A durable and affordable accessory, the Wise Holder holds the most commonly used food waste bags and comes with no maintenance costs or upkeep requirements. Designed for compatibility with kitchen sinks or refrigerators, the Wise Holder can also be enjoyed in several other settings, including a portable vehicle waste bin.

First introduced last year, the Wise Holder experienced instant crowdfunding success. Gaining popularity worldwide, the initial Wise Holder campaign exceeded its target goal by 1,000 percent in just four days. By late summer, that growth had exceeded early targets by 4,276 percent as thousands of people began to support the Wise Holder every day.

To learn more about this revolutionary food waste device, which makes it easy to process food waste without potent odors or burdensome labor, please visit

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Company Name: KM Search & Tech
Contact Person: Kyung Mok Lee
Phone: +82-10-2414-8211
Address:56, Munemi-ro 448 beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu
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