The Ultra Marathon Female Champion of the 125-mile race Wants to Train You, Just As She Trained The Israeli Military!

Ashmoret “Ash” Mishal has created a noteworthy new app that allows for personalized Goal Achievement called: ULTRATRAINING!

Users will super charge their running performance as they train through her Interactive workouts combined with unique programs for achieving goals & success. 

Ash shows us how to focus and utilize our extraordinary “mind power” and the skills learned through running–and teaches us to use these same abilities to accomplish our goals.

Ash Mishal is a former leadership and endurance trainer of the Israeli military and author of the book, Ultra Success: 12 Steps to Power Performance.

She is an international ultramarathon champion (125 miles) and her courses and methods have been featured in the American and Israeli media, including The Post Game, EPN, Ynet, XNet and more.

* Watch her recent (July 2017) live TV interview with the Sports Channel:

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As founder of “The Ultra Leadership Method: The Coaching Technique For Setting Ultra Goals & Achieving Them” as well as “The 12 Steps to Power Performance”, Ash regularly lectures, appears in the media and hosts coaching workshops to discuss and teach her unique programs. She remains in high demand as a trainer, seminar instructor, and public speaker.

Read more about her exceptional coaching method for ultra goal achievement in both the athletic and business fields:

About the Ultra training App:

The ULTRATRAINING app is an interactive coaching program that includes customized workouts and running sessions teaching the proven techniques of the Ultra Leadership Method. The app also explains the remarkable “12 Steps to Power Performance”.

These programs are for individuals of ALL running levels, from beginners to marathon runners.

· Steps 1-4: Establish an ideal goal, assess your skills, and build a plan!

· Steps 5-8: Set milestones, be aware of your inner superpower, overcome challenges, and stick to your goals!

· Steps 9-12: Practice and improve coping techniques and self-control. Reassess your goals. Succeed!

Watch Ash’s 4-minute documentary movie of her winning the 125-mile ultra marathon (in 38 hours and 15 minutes) to get inspired and to understand the personal story behind the extraordinary Ultra Leadership Method!

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