The Tikker LifeFit is (Kickstarting) a Life Changing Transformation of the Original \’Death Watch\’

California, USA – By now everyone has heard of the Tikker ‘Death Watch’.  The watch displays the user’s statistical life expectancy and counts down every second of that person’s life.  The concept of Tikker is not when you are going to die but what you can and want to accomplish with the time you have remaining.

The next generation of the watch is currently under development and is known as the Tikker LifeFit.   At first glance the sleek and stylish wrist band will appear and function like a typical fitness tracker. However the new Tikker will not have deviated from its primary motivational tool.  The life expectancy countdown will be as prominent as the number of daily steps completed.  It will sync via Bluetooth with a crisp smartphone app for use with both Android and iOS.

The most dramatic improvement is the incorporation of ‘Life Choices’ that will be used to better determine the user’s life expectancy.  These life choices are controllable facets of our lives such as smoking, consuming alcohol, diet, weight, faith or social interaction.   As the user achieves healthier habits or behaviors then their life expectancy will increase in accordance with published statistical data.

Fitness trackers have become extremely popular because exercise is critical to a healthy life.  What they lack is the consideration of virtually every other aspect of our lifestyles which are vital to longevity and living a healthy and happy life.

We have created a product that is aimed at those who truly want to take advantage of every second of their lives.  While we do not advocate fad diets or reckless exercise regimens to lose weight; we also feel that prodding along at an unfulfilling job or not following your passions are just as risky,” said Daniel Dean Iketani, CEO of Tikker.

The Tikker LifeFit can also be used for other purposes, such as scheduling retirement and tracking personal or business goals.

The project is slated to begin funding through its Kickstarter campaign in early October 2016.

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About Tikker

At Tikker we believe in living life to its greatest potential.  Time is finite and every moment doing something unfulfilling is a moment wasted.  We have created a product that will hopefully challenge you, chase your dreams, and take advantage of every second of your life.

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