The Secret Power of Kindness – Bestselling author Greg Atkinson is set to release his 5th book in summer 2023

Bestselling author Greg Atkinson is all set to hit the hardcover and paper bag and Kindle once again with his 5th book – The Secret Power of Kindness. Greg is known for his contributions to numerous magazines and Christian blogs. Moreover, he has been providing his services as a professional secret shopper for businesses in the hospitality industry. For his latest work, Greg has signed a contract with a Christian publishing company, Invite Resources.

For the past 28 years, Greg Atkinson has made a mark with his contributions to various domains. Over this period of time, he has been associated with ministry and organizational leadership. In addition to that, Greg Atkinson has been writing, speaking and training leaders in different parts of the world. In his writing career, he has written four books so far. Hospitality Handbook for the Volunteers, Secrets of a Secret Shopper, Strange Leadership: 40 Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization, and Church Leadership Essentials: What Every Pastor Needs to Know are the four masterpieces written by Greg Atkinson. All of them are the number 1 bestsellers and have received great applause from the readers, along with great reviews and 5-star ratings.

As for his upcoming 5th book, The Secret Power of Kindness, Greg has signed a contract with one of the most prominent publishing companies Invite Resources. It is a Christian publishing company with the aim of inviting people to have a better and deeper relationship with Christ. With a mission to share the promise of new creation, Invite Resources wants people to discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit and use them for the benefit of others. After collaborating with a leading Christian personality like Greg Atkinson for his latest work, the company will get an edge in achieving its motive of making Christianity a more straightforward faith to understand for the people.

Greg Atkinson is currently working on his latest writing jewel, The Secret Power of Kindness. The book will be available on all prominent reading platforms in the summer of 2023. Greg believes that his forthcoming book will be another bestseller and receive good reviews from people all over the world, just as he garnered appreciation for his previous work.


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