The Nurse Coach Collective Elevates The Career Growth of RN Health Coaches And Better Supports Patients Long Term

The Nurse Coach Collective from the USA provides transformative certificate programs to help Registered Nurses all across the country become certified nurse coaches.

The dedication to elevating the health of nurses and patients is a primary concern. With its support for the more well-rounded industry of the integrative nurse coach, The Nurse Coach Collective aims specifically to teach nurses so they can create lasting healing for patients inside out by taking a holistic approach to health and wellness and a deeply educated support process. The Nurse Coach Collective focuses on helping patients explore and meet physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs. The reward of helping patients take charge of their well-being and live happier and healthier lives is unprecedented in traditional nursing. 

Registered nurses (RN) feel they want to help the patients beyond medications and quick fixes but are usually limited in their resources. The certification program at The Nurse Coach Collective was created to be the most powerful 7 month-long online nurse coaching program in the world that can help registered nurses transform their patients’ lives while experiencing freedom and fulfillment. 

Guidance, an online community, downloadable resources, live support calls, training videos, and a dedicated RN health coach as the nurse guide are all included in the state-of-the-art coaching program. 

Becoming a Nurse coach and a RN health coach is based on the proprietary five pillars system hand-crafted by The Nurse Coach Collective, i.e. pillars focused on paradigm, community, skillset, coaching, and action. All principles stand together; Once you challenge the old ways of thinking, a world of possibilities opens for patients to have radical results. The system has proven effective as the wellness and coaching industries bring in nearly 22 billion dollars annually, and health nurse coaches and RNs are changing the game for non-traditional nursing. 

The Nurse Coach Collective ensures that advanced communication skills and emotional intelligence are paramount to becoming a change agent in the workplace, business, and community. The nurses and coaches promote sustainable life changes, less pill promoting, more well rounded wellness, mindfulness, metabolic-based nutrition, deep coaching, alternating healing modalities, and much more. The nurse program helps create more freedom, time, and energy to do what you love by providing ample opportunities for action-based results. 

About The Nurse Coach Collective. 

Heather and Peter believe that the current nursing paradigm no longer serves the holistic view of quality long-term patient care and desperately needs transformation. At The Nurse Coach Collective, the belief is that when nurses step fully into their power as healers and agents of change, the compounding effect creates a much more healthy & well rounded world for all. The Nurse Coach Collective is the world-changing place for nurses who want to step fully into their power as healers and agents of change.

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