The new single “The Virus is My God,” offers a unique perspective on the current pandemic crisis

A songwriter from New York City, Lewis Papier (aka Turfseer), is an artist who writes catchy pop-songs, heavily influenced by other genres including folk, country and musical theatre. His latest release, “The Virus Is My God,” offers a unique perspective on the current crisis in which draconian lockdowns have become the order of the day.  A parable set in the old west, the song suggests that infectious disease medical science has become a new worldwide religion, with people cowering in fear, worshiping the virus as some sort of monstrous deity who holds sway over all their social interactions.  Meanwhile, others (reminiscent of religious zealots) act as “enforcers,” insisting that to question the tenets of mainstream orthodox medicine, is heresy.

The song is in a storytelling format, in which Turfseer chronicles how a mythical western town has changed in the blink of an eye. The chorus bemoans the complicity of the townspeople as they follow the stultifying strictures promulgated by both scientific and medical pundits along with governmental authorities

The new single explores issues including religion masquerading as science, subliminal messaging designed to cow a fearful populace and the economic devastation brought by the demand for social isolation. Allegorical lyricism and vibrant imagery are intentional benchmarks peppered throughout the dynamic storyline.

The Virus Is My God” is an enchanting fusion of Pop, Indie, and Folk music, in which Turfseer raises thought-provoking questions that suggest that many have become supplicants to the new hidden religion. He believes that we are fast approaching a dark period in history in which we are willing to give up our civil liberties based on mere theories mistaken as fact.

Turfseer writes that the current crisis has affected him in profound ways and his song reflects the intensity of his feelings. The unquestioning dependence of people on medical science to guide their lives, is the source of despair for the song’s author—he implies that only through self-awareness will any light appear at the end of the proverbial tunnel, in the coming days. 

Turfseer is also working on a new single entitled “Nevermore”, based on Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven”. The song chronicles the economic and psychological devastation resulting from the tyrannical policies of public health officials.

Turfseer summons his listeners to heed his provocative message, urging all to become more pragmatic and study the issues with an open mind, rather than relying solely on the “experts,” to guide them in these tough, troubling times.

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