The new first-tier exchange Wellbtc refusing to associate with the “currency circle chaos”

Three wheels drive Wellbtc to be superior

Wellbtc has increased its registered users to 2.8 million within half a year with daily active users of 0.1 million.

Such kind of achievement is not simply a matter of building an exchange. So how does Wellbtc do this?  

Independent fission, traffic capture

In the current era of internet, the traffic growth dividend has already gone, but the traffic growth method is still useful for all industries. The founder of Wellbtc has grasped the opportunity that others haven’t to learn the mode of Pinduoduo, that is, target at the sinking market firstly and then carry out social fission.        

The community partnership model pioneered by Wellbtc benefits the partners largely and binds the interests of partners with that of Wellbtc, which allows the partners to complete fission actively for the sake of themselves thus to bring fresh and huge traffic for Wellbtc.     

Certainly, the community partners not just pursue benefits simply but will share the community management pressure for Wellbtc, wherein Wellbtc manages thousands of partners while each partner manages hundreds to one thousand of persons. Therefore, Wellbtc only needs to serve and manage these partners, and accordingly, the partners will serve and guide other users spontaneously.   

Besides, the partners can find more popular projects for Wellbtc because they are not only in the community of Wellbtc but also have penetrated into the whole currency circle. If one project community becomes active practically, it shows that the project is powerful indeed, and the partners will recommend corresponding project to Wellbtc, which is also an approach for Wellbtc to seek for popular projects.

Asset power, brand radiation

On the first anniversary of Wellbtc, its founder David had revealed that domestic development will not be an ending in the future. Very soon, Wellbtc built its overseas team in March of 2019 and started its global arrangement.    

Wellbtc was not in a hurry to introduce overseas assets, but instead, it went to the global financial centers to participate in related blockchain activities so as to know the practical situations of overseas markets gradually, formulate different development strategies and build its brand image in the international market. After everything was ready, it began to utilize the power of overseas assets. 

The “Normandy Invasion Plan” is another clever move of Wellbtc after the community partnership system, which targets at introducing the global popular and high-quality projects to Wellbtc for secondary innovation and brings remarkable effect. 

So far, the “Normandy Invasion Plan” has realized the lowest rise of 40% and the highest rise of 190%. These projects were all introduced to Wellbtc before the warming of blockchain policy, when the currency market was depressed and the currency price rose if not fell, not to mention a rise of 190%.       

In addition to the “Normandy Invasion Plan”, Wellbtc also screens the global popular projects and introduces the high-quality projects with prospect and power thus to accelerate its asset layout. 

The asset power helps Wellbtc step forward steadily in the international market, and meanwhile, the consensus of seeking for popular currencies from Wellbtc has gradually affected the uses and project sponsors at home and abroad.  

Brand upgradation, targeting at the financial center of currency circle

Just a few days before upgradation, Wellbtc established Industry Research Institute and Currency-Launching Supervision Committee.

The establishment of the Research Institute shows that Wellbtc will carry out in-depth research on the blockchain industry and expand its development pattern. It is learned that the Research Institute will conduct in-depth research from three aspects: 1. Wellbtc Research Center will focus on researching technology and mode innovation thus to help Wellbtc screen global high-quality projects and explore the ecological layout opportunity; 2. Engage in traffic growth exploration, researches on new playing method of industrial increment and the playing method of project increment thus to bring new traffic for the platform and the industry; 3. Research the development pattern of Wellbtc, the industrial development trend and path thus to predict the future development direction and make timely layout.    

If the Currency-Launching Supervision Committee is to let Wellbtc audit currency-launching projects more strictly, the establishment of the Research Institute will be the important reason for Wellbtc to eradicate the inferior currencies completely. High-quality and huge traffic are the bases for the stable development of the exchange in the future.   

Only when the development foundation is solid can Wellbtc put more energy in the long-term future development and have the power to become the leading one among the competitors. Nevertheless, Wellbtc seems to have ambition to escape from the exchange field to realize radiated development in the whole blockchain industry and finally achieve the huge advance of blockchain financial center.    

Will Wellbtc make a great creation in the future? Let’s see what we will find out.

About the company: 

Wellbtc, a Singapore-based digital currency exchange, was founded in 2018.

At present, the total number of registered users has reached 2.8 million, with 100,000 daily users. 

The daily turnover can reach 500 million US dollars.

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