The Making of The Purgatory Only Memories by Award-Winning Actress Kiara Kastle

Kiara Kastle is an experienced actress and dancer currently residing in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, California. With her start in the arts at a young age, Kiara continued to expand even further starring in quality film and theater projects while also excelling in her acting experience and graduating from Stella Adler Academy of Acting! Kiara Kastle is known for co-directing and starring in the short-fantasy genre film The Purgatory Only Memories” written by Theoni Bekiari. The film has a meaning behind it that leaves the audience wondering on a deeper level.

The film is explained on IMDB as: “What do we become after we pass? That is the question all the souls in this short film have when they find themselves in The Purgatory. But they are not alone, in this search for an answer other souls from people they knew or first meet here come to assist them. Victorian fan and handkerchief language makes everything not what it would seem at first as the souls discuss, dance and remember. Since they are, only memories now. This short film was made to express the feelings of all the contributors at the start of the pandemic which felt as if we had to go through our own purgatory to get to the other side. And then we remembered, and by that, we made new memories.”


“Creating the purgatory only memories was a project that came out at the beginning of the pandemic and because of it, there was a need to come up with the idea. There were so many emotions involved for everyone all over the world at the time and me and the rest of the team felt that we had to share what we were experiencing.

We played around with Victorian fan and hand gesture languages which gave us a lot to play with. I loved how everyone brought their own experience to it. It was also the first project I did where the actors weren’t shooting in the same place and we faced challenges there, but Theoni Bekiari did great with it, if I were asked to do something like that again, now there is so much more knowledge out there to make these kind of projects work, and I really like how the industry has evolved in that sense. 

It went from “This is a crazy idea, let’s figure it out” to “Yes, let’s do it like this, it’s easy”.

I think doing this project was the beginning for me to understand what is possible to be done with different mediums besides acting.

And how turning to art while the world was in a state of crisis, didn’t just help me but so many others to get through it.” – Kiara Kastle


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