The Future Of Company Cybersecurity? Pentesting, Says CyberByte

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – March 5th, 2018 – Companies rank cybersecurity as one of their top priorities – yet, when enquired, their respective departments hard-pressed to identify the core steps that need to be taken in order to maintain it at top levels. CyberByte, the preeminent Romanian cybersecurity firm, has recently published an informative article, wherein it maintains that penetration testing – or pentesting- will define the future of company cybersecurity.

The term pentesting refers to “a series of ethical hacking attacks on IT systems”, which are made with the ultimate goal of uncovering system vulnerabilities and potential cybersecurity issues. In addition to helping calculate the chances of a potential cyberattack succeeding, pentesting provides an overview of the efficacy of a company’s cybersecurity measures that are already in place, with its results acting as a guide for further improvements that need to be made in order to bolster existing cybersecurity strategies.

“Pentests are classified according to the information available for each system. The two most commonly used methods of pentesting, the Penetration Testing Execution Standard or PTES, and the OWASP method, are not particularly innovative. The same applies for the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual, or OSSTMT, which has now become an industry standard – despite the fact that, much like the aforementioned methods, it represents a very primordial approach to a universal cybersecurity structure,” said Mr. Popescu Calin, CyberByte CEO.

“Regardless of which pentesting protocol they choose to employ, companies ought to make sure that they have implemented a first line of defense: a cutting-edge antivirus software, which can protect systems against the all current and emerging cybersecurity threats.”

CyberByte offers its proprietary, OPSWAT-certified antivirus for Mac solution available for download on their web site.

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