The Dreamtaker is a Wonderfully Written Book by Chad Burn

The Dreamtaker is an inspiring book by Chad Burn which tells a story of a sergeant who has a keen mind with a compassionate spirit and how he was able to pull through the obstacles he encountered. In the book, a man who is convinced he can undo his inept decisions keeps trying to control something that he is not in control of which results in consequences he cannot accept. Those involved with him learn along the way that their choices also may not have the desired effect.

The Dreamtaker, set during the time of the Vietnam War, tries to be many things at once, and for every part it succeeds. The characters, for the most part, are sympathetic and well developed. The Dreamtaker was written with lots of vivid detail and good, strong language. Some scenes surrounding the monstrosities committed during the Vietnam War are harrowing and definitely not for faint-hearted. It’s a very humane story.

The Dreamtaker is a worthy and must-read for not only historical fiction lovers, but anyone who loves empowering excitement. It is a book that grabs your attention from the very first page due to its striking mix of literary elements.

The Dreamtaker

By Chad Burn

ISBN: 1948346834 (paperback); 978-1948346832 (electronic)

Available at AMAZON and Barnes and Noble

About the Author

Chad Burn served in the Marine Corps from 1968-1972. Having interviewed many returning Marines and soldiers about their experiences, his mother and father having served in the Navy during World War II his and the experience of others serves as a background for understanding the impact of war and the decisions made by those who govern its use and those who employ its strategies in the battle arena. The study of philosophy, history and the evolution of law and economics helps to understand the impact of decisions made at all levels and how those decisions impact others in different cultures who have a different perspective on the meaning of life’s choices.

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