The Characteristics And Application Range Of Smt Inductor And Plug-In Inductor Respectively

How about a large current power inductor plug-in? Why more and more by many inductors of the favor of manufacturers! China inductor manufacturers explain it.

High current power inductor features:

High power, high saturation current, good weldability and good disc structure, high temperature resistance, suitable for surface mount, suitable for tape recorder, notebook computer, QA instrument, digital camera, LCD TV, small communication equipment, DC/DC converter, etc. Chip power inductors are used in tablet computers

Most tablets can be thought of as scaled-up versions of smartphones, with much the same hardware structure. Tablets are far less capable than mid – to high-end laptops, especially in terms of document processing and games. Tablets are largely designed to ignore big games and document processing.

The tablet contains four types of components: active, passive, functional, and structural. Active components include all IC’s.

Passive components mainly include resistance, power inductance, capacitance and crystal vibration.Of course, these must all be SMD, namely Chip-R, Chip-L, and MLCC.

Structural elements include housing, structural elements and PCB. The thin and thin shell of tablet PC is not something that ordinary manufacturers can do. There are only a few major suppliers in the world. This one needs the capacity support of more than 8000 CNC machine tools, which costs a lot and is wider than Gpus.

Large current power inductor plug-in or quite good ha!

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