The Brain Trust To Expand Its Monthly CEO Mastermind Roundtable Group to Continue 20+ Years of Success

Once a month, CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners gather together for half a day to discuss challenges about their businesses and to celebrate their successes. Participants get valuable feedback by connecting with like-minded peers which lead to personal and business growth

The Brain Trust announces expansion of their monthly CEO Mastermind Roundtable groups, which has been in existence for over 20 years in Atlanta, from 2 to 4. The expansion of these roundtable groups is to address the growing need for CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners to be equipped with the tools, resources, and additional mentoring to confront organizational challenges.  

Participants take part in the monthly Roundtable meeting because it offers the opportunity to escape the chaos of their businesses for a half-day, to work  “on” their business instead of “in” their business. The Mastermind group is based on a structure invented by Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. It has helped many business owners discover new ideas that have taken their businesses to the next level. 

“Coming to the Brain Trust CEO Group has helped me immensely to grow my company, and understand how easy it is to solve some of the issues around differentiation strategies, legalities, organizational structure, compensation, buyouts, and exit strategy,” said Ken Robbins, Co-founder & CEO, ResponseMine Interactive. “It’s helped me understand those things because I’m around other people who’ve been there and done that. It’s the best time investment I make, absolutely in anything I do, and I recommend it highly to anyone interested in improving and optimizing their business.”

The CEO Mastermind Roundtable Group gives CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners a safe environment to discuss confidential issues and challenge each other to receive diverse advice and council from like-minded people who are only there to support the success of each other’s businesses. Some of these industry giants are currently heading multinational organizations, have established and managed successful companies, and have funded and sold startup businesses. They understand what it takes to run a company, the mistakes and those pitfalls to watch out for as a CEO of a growing business.

Bryan Glutting, President and one of four Co-Chairs at The Brain Trust states, “Once a month, you can escape the isolation of being the top person at your company and share your problems, challenges and solutions confidentially with a group of chief executives….all bright, experienced minds who are interested in helping each other to learn, grow and make good organizational business  decisions. You get honest, real life, battle scarred information. Avoid making mistakes others have made by exposing yourself to the priceless insight that only peers can offer one another. There are no new problems in business… just your version of the same problem that one of us has already faced. There is that old adage that you may be feeling… it’s lonely at the top. Come and learn how others have coped with the stress of being a CEO and learn how they positively transformed their companies and their lives.’’ 

Attendees learn from stories and experiences to make intelligent adjustments, implement powerful strategies, and create new products and services that customers embrace.

Bob Lewis, CEO of Mobile Media Enterprises, LLC has this to say about his experience attending the monthly meetings “It was tough for me to commit the time to the Brain Trust Meetings. I’m extremely busy, as all CEOs are. However, I am delighted that I have allocated the time and made the leap. I discovered that being covered up had a component of being so consumed with fighting the battles with bows and arrows that I was too busy to learn how to use laser-guided missiles. The Brain Trust is a laser-guided missile development think tank, and I have more free time now than before because of learning how to minimize firefighting and operate the business more efficiently.”

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The Brain Trust is a membership program and group with more than 20 years of connecting CEOs to other CEOs for continuous mutual benefits. Members gather to discuss their challenges and learn from each other’s ideas, skills, and strategies to improve their organizations and to position their company for tremendous success.

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