The Benefits of Using Focusky Free Online Animation Presentation Software

Focusky presentation software reinforces users’ idea with amazing animation presentations, which helps them get outstanding performance and great result.

Animation is an art of displaying still images in a series or sequences of motion, which can be applicable in different spheres of life and businesses. Focusky is a free online animation presentation software that helps users create an amazing animation presentation which can also be used for any purpose.

Focusky free online animation presentation software has about 300+animation effects including the entrance, emphasis, and exit effects which help publishers focus on the very important points they want to pass out to the targeted audience and also increase the audiences’ interest in the presentation.

It also has a hand drawn animation effect which has been proven over the years to be a very fascinating tool by Focusky reviews. Users of Focusky free online animation presentation software can take full advantage of this hand drawing effect to present boring contents in an interesting way. Besides, Focusky also has a defined action path, including the path custom, path line, path arc, path circle, path triangle, path trapezium, path octagon and many more, which makes it very easy to draw shapes and path flow.

Similar to the layer of Photoshop, users can flexibly choose the layers to add animation effects. Also, users have an option to preview the added animation effect, and decide whether keep or change even remove it. What’s more, the animation order can be changed with ease. Meanwhile, Focusky presentation software allows users to set the duration time and delay time of each effect according to their specific requirements.

Integrated with whiteboard animation, Focusky presentation software enables users to create their own whiteboard-style animations without any technology support. It is quite suitable for teachers to make full use of these whiteboard animation to create and share tutorials that keep students engaged.

About Focusky

Focusky is a world leading provider of digital presentation software with its headquarter in Honk Kong and for many years have focused on the research and development of outstanding range of digital presentation software. Our mission is to provide clients with high quality, user friendly and cost effective digital presentation software using the latest technology to meet our clients need.

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