The 2024 trend is clear, and chips are about to enter a major market


[MFMIC report] In 2024, the storage chip market is expected to grow by 44.8% year-on-year to $129.77 billion. Terminal applications such as mobile phones and personal computers are experiencing a recovery, and contract prices for bulk storage products are entering an upward trend. With the continuous development of AI applications, leading overseas manufacturers will invest more production capacity in mainstream storage and emerging application directions, indirectly reducing their attention to niche markets and capacity allocation. The mainstream storage chip prices have entered an upward channel, and the production capacity of top overseas manufacturers is being squeezed by mainstream products, and the prices of niche products may follow suit; Benefiting from the increasing demand for storage performance in AI, modules and memory interface chips will be upgraded along with storage chips, expanding market space.


1. Widely used.

Chips have always been the cornerstone of technological innovation. With the continuous development of technology, chips have been widely used and have been applied in various electronic products and systems such as computers, mobile phones, home appliances, automobiles, high-speed railways, power grids, medical instruments, robots, industrial control, etc. It can be said that chips are ubiquitous and involve all aspects of people’s lives. Moreover, the development of new technology industries also relies on chips. For example, the rapidly developing emerging industries in recent years, such as new energy and artificial intelligence, all require chips as support. At present, the chip industry is in a stage of rapid development and the prospects are optimistic.

2. Highlighting the value of configuration.

 After two years of deep correction, A-share chips are generally low. The valuation of the chip sector is also within a reasonable range. Recently, with the recovery of the stock market, major sectors have been driven to improve. The chip sector has high growth potential and more performance opportunities, highlighting its allocation value.

Moreover, promoting economic recovery in various countries will bring more opportunities for companies to recover and increase their performance. The market has shown positive signals, and chip inventory has been effectively digested. With the gradual recovery of demand for smartphones and the strong demand for artificial intelligence chips, the chip industry has ushered in a recovery opportunity. The Semiconductor Industry Association of America predicts that the global chip industry is expected to rebound significantly this year, with sales expected to reach a record high of nearly 600 billion US dollars, forming fundamental support for the chip industry.

3. Policy support.

The development of technology in today’s society has been widely valued by countries around the world. At the end of last year, the China Economic Conference repeatedly mentioned technology and innovation, and the policy inclination towards the technology industry was very high. Due to its strategic significance, chips are facing new opportunities and rapid development in China’s domestic chip industry, as the United States restricts access to cutting-edge chip technology and domestic substitution. The importance of domestic chips will continue to be highlighted. It is expected that the sales revenue of Chinese chip companies will increase significantly in 2024, creating a very good investment opportunity for the chip sector.

4. Good news. 

The latest data shows that Nvidia’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2023 was $22.1 billion, a month on month increase of 22% and a year-on-year surge of 265%. And it is expected that Nvidia’s revenue will continue to maintain strong growth in the first quarter, reaching $24 billion, with an adjusted gross profit margin of 77%, exceeding market expectations. As a chip giant, Nvidia has seen a significant increase in revenue, indicating that the chip sector has overcome a downturn and its performance is beginning to rapidly recover. The business is recovering, and the recovery in performance is expected.

Recently, driven by the positive news of the Sora application video generation model in Al, artificial intelligence has once again become a leading trend, driving a strong rebound in the technology sector. The development of artificial intelligence cannot be separated from the support of chips, which are complementary to artificial intelligence. With the accelerated development of artificial intelligence and the implementation of related applications, it will inevitably drive the growth of chip demand, thereby boosting confidence in investing in the chip sector. Good news for artificial intelligence, as well as positive news for chips, is expected to drive another opportunity for the chip sector to take off.

In terms of memory modules, the current round of destocking in the server and computer industry is nearing its end, and it is expected that industry demand will resume growth starting from 2024. XC6SLX150-2FGG676 At the same time, the number of memory modules paired with a single server is also increasing.Due to the need for higher bandwidth memory to improve overall computing performance in AI PCs, the industry trend of AI PCs may accelerate the penetration rate of DDR5 on the PC end and increase the demand for higher rate DDR5 memory, which will help drive the increase in demand for memory module matching chips such as SPD and CKD chips.Due to the high cost of storage chip wafers, all third-party module factories need to optimize their output around costs. The main paths include establishing industry chain cooperation relationships, building their own packaging and testing plants, and developing their own main control chips. Module factories can deeply participate in the architecture design of various application chips, cooperate with chip suppliers to develop storage application chips that are more closely related to terminal needs, and even develop their own main control chips, thereby enhancing their product differentiation advantages and optimizing chip procurement costs.

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