That’s So Raben Unleashes ‘Creedmas’ Phenomenon

That's So Raben Unleashes 'Creedmas' Phenomenon
Alanna Raben, aka That’s So Raben, brings Grunge and Nu Metal back with a viral Christmas mashup.

Alanna Raben, widely recognized by her DJ moniker That’s So Raben, is making waves in the music scene with a unique blend of nostalgia, grunge, and holiday cheer. As the driving force behind the party collective Grunch, Raben is now responsible for unleashing a viral sensation titled “All I Want 4 Christmas Is Creed,” a mashup combining Mariah Carey and Creed. The unexpected success of this fusion has turned into a cultural phenomenon, gaining millions of views across various social media platforms.

Grunch, the renowned grunge and nu metal brunch, has become a cultural haven for fans of alternative music. Raben’s DJ expertise has elevated the party collective to new heights, attracting attention from renowned artists and media outlets such as MTV and KROQ. Grunch has showcased talents such as Lit and MTV’s beloved VJ Jesse Camp, solidifying its status as a must-attend experience for music enthusiasts.

Beyond it’s live events, Grunch’s Instagram account has become synonymous with music memes and weekly holidays such as #FredDurstFriday (endorsed by Limp Bizkit) and #MarkMcgrathMonday, (recognized by Sugar Ray). The latest addition to this trend, #ScottStappSunday, has been acknowledged by none other than Creed. Raben’s innovative mashup, shared on the Grunch platform, caught the attention of Creed, leading to the band sharing it on their own story. This endorsement has sparked a global resurgence of interest in Creed, with fans creating videos across social media platforms to celebrate the band’s renaissance. The fusion of Scott Stapp’s powerful vocals and Mariah Carey’s iconic melodies has struck a chord this holiday season, sparking playful claims that “Mariah has finally been dethroned”.

As the creator and curator of Grunch, That’s So Raben has emerged as a trendsetter in the music world. Her ability to blend seemingly disparate genres and revitalize music through memes has not only reignited interest in bands like Creed but has also brought back the essence of butt rock, fondly referred to as dad rock. From themed events such as “Nothing Butt Rock” and coining the term “Creedmas”, Grunch is at the forefront of the movement to #MakeButtRockGreatAgain.

Watch the video of “All I Want 4 Christmas Is Creed” on Instagram and in full on YouTube.

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About Grunch

Grunch, founded by That’s So Raben, is a party collective where grunge, nu metal and brunch collide. An immersive nostalgia as delicious as your food, Grunch carves it’s own niche by seamlessly blending the two together for an unforgettable experience, showcasing iconic bands, hosts and more.

About That’s So Raben

Alanna “That’s So” Raben has been a fixture in the DJ scene for years. Inspired by the sounds of the ’90s & early aughts, Raben taps into nostalgia to spin parties as unforgettable as your favorite Disney sitcom. Her talent, creativity, and musical sensibility have captured the spotlight of film and fashion brands, establishing her as a sought-after DJ at runways, film premieres and major music festivals.

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