Tether Gold digital currency will soon be launching their first ICO

Tether Gold, a type of digital currency built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain will soon be launching their initial crowd sale. Based in South Africa, the company invites interested individuals to visit and inquire more about the ICO, between 9 to 5, all days in a week. The customers can also mail to admin@tethergold.com to inquire about opportunities and estimated launch dates of the ICO.

Each Tether from Tether Gold is backed 1 to 1by Gold Bullion held in Tether Gold’s Limited reserves. Tether Gold is represented by GLDT and 1 GLDT is equal to 1 Oz 0.999 Au Gold. Tether Gold lets the holder receive GLDT from a Bitcoin blockchain address and treat them as a gold equivalent deposit. The account holder can withdraw funds to a Bitcoin blockchain address as GLDT.

The cryptocurrency market is gaining a huge boom like never before. A number of individuals and businesses are recognizing the potential it has to offer and using it as a reliable method of doing transactions. Tether Gold is a unique digital currency that is backed by Psychical gold to provide a decentralized method of exchanging value using a familiar accounting unit.

The secure blockchain network allows the market participants to make transactions faster and in a more secure manner in less volatile currencies and assets. Tether Gold suggests to maintain a 1-1 reserve ratio between a cryptocurrency token, called the tethers and its associated real-world asset, the flat currency for ensuring stability and in exchange price as well as accountability.

The Initial Crowd Sale of Tether Gold, the contributors will finance the first GLDT tokens which will be distributed to exchanges for trading. The fees will be generated through the use of these GLDT tokens which will be distributed as dividends to all the ICO participants. The interested investors can also sign up on the Tether Gold’s official website to receive updates and all information about the ICO. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Tether Gold
Contact Person: Craig . W
Email: admin@tethergold.com
Country: South Africa
Website: tethergold.com