Tara M. Clapper Brings The Geek Culture Into Online Gaming With The Geek Initiative LLC

Game designer and founder of The Geek Initiative LLC, Tara M. Clapper, offers gamers a unique experience with her range of live-action role-playing games

Tara M. Clapper has stayed true to her goal of supporting inclusive geek culture with the constant update of her portfolio to include different categories of online live-action role-playing games, otherwise known as digital larp. Tara and her team have found a way of disrupting the online gaming industry, with digital larps that engage, entertain, and educate players on different subjects. 

As a gamer with physical and financial accessibility needs, I started running digital live action games in 2017. When the pandemic hit, suddenly everyone had accessibility needs–and my brand of online gaming has been there to keep players social. Digital larp lets you assume a pre-written or custom character and play through adventures on Zoom to meet your goals in a world of escapism and empowerment,” said Tara M. Clapper, founder of The Geek Initiative LLC. 

The global gaming market has continued to grow over the years, with the emergence of developers and brands, especially in the online gaming world helping to drive the trajectory. Currently described by many as one of the fastest-growing industries, the market is estimated to reach over $196 billion in revenue by 2022, according to a report published by Visual Capitalist. However, The Geek Initiative LLC, led by visionary entrepreneur and gamer, Tara M. Clapper, looks ready to challenge the status quo through digital larps. 

Digital larping is a form of role-playing game that allows participants to physically portray their characters and enact a plot of the game. Players can pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real-world environments while interacting with each other in character.  

We currently offer games about mythological worlds, history, a martial arts rivalry, a horror house experience, and pets. With an extensive catalog, we can run a custom game for your friends, family, or corporation, for fun or for team building.” – Tara M. Clapper. 

The Geek Initiative LLC and the products offered have become particularly handy in recent times, with the Covid-19 pandemic leading more people to seek in-person larp alternatives due to restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus. 

In The Geek Initiative’s digital larps, participants play characters, usually specially written for each player, and interact improvisationally with the guidance of a facilitator or game master face-to-face, using Zoom. The non-narrative and customized nature of the live action games differentiates them from popular tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons. 

The digital larps currently offered by The Geek Initiative LLC include Strife, a social game about martial arts rivalry played via Zoom, No Easy Way Out, and Chariot: Embarkation. The Geek Initiative also allows organizers to take their in-person games digital through the company’s larps, offering them the flexibility needed to reach otherwise neglected audiences. 

For more information about The Geek Initiative LLC and their unique gaming experience, please visit - https://geekinitiative.com/. The Geek Initiative LLC can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. 

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