TalScout is transforming the way companies and HR managers hire talent

Platform is the perfect environment for interviewers, companies, and job seekers to connect

Companies rely on human resources experts to locate quality talent that will take their business to the next level. However, finding talent is not easy, especially in the current highly saturated job marketplace. TalScout is redefining the way companies find the best talents and hire employees. The website allows companies, expert interviewers, and candidates register on their platform. The company then chooses the interviewer and candidates they want, set up a schedule, and leave the rest for the system. Companies can then relax and enjoy watching the interviews to select the best candidates. They can also share the interview video to customers and other experts for a recommendation. Sign up today at www.talscout.com as a company, interviewer, or candidate.

“Our website solves a lot of HR problems that many businesses have been dealing with. Companies want the best candidates for their job placement, but they don’t have the time or capacity to process and achieve this. We offer a simple and robust resource that allows anyone create a profile, set up and post a project, schedule interview, and get reasonable feedbacks. Your HR needs just got met, more that you can ever imagine,” said Praveen Rane, Co-Founder.

TalScout website is a real game changer in the field of recruiting, human resources, and talent hunting. Companies can create a profile on the platform create a project with a team of recruiters, post a project for freelancers to apply, or ask for a panel on-demand. Companies can also schedule, review, and get feedbacks. Users can also share interview for the purpose of expert assessment by hiring manager or customers, and create their own database of curated assessed candidates, etc. TalScout offer a simple payment system for remunerating interviewers based on agreed rates.

TalScout is a one-stop solution for all talent screening needs and offers various solutions including TalScout interviewer where job seekers are interviewed by industry experts, TalScout Live, a digital video interview platform, TalScout automated that automates the candidate screening process, TalScout Campus for virtual campus hiring, and TalScout Bench that offer a seamless way to re-market talent pool.

About TalScout

TalScout is a one-stop shop for talent screening and a curated marketplace of interviewers across various skills, domain and technologies. It helps corporates and staffing companies screen candidates better through an audio/video interviewing platform. TalScout is a technology company and not an employment agency of any kind. The platform and the report act as an enabler towards candidate screening and shortlisting, through the interview process.

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